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    I have been on this site for a little while but I am not that computer savvy. I have tried this morning to post some pictures of my work, I do not know if it will work but if it does I would appreciate your honest comments. Please kind and gentle with me though.
    I look forward to hearing from you if you can see the pics and would appreciate advice if you can't.
    Happy Monday

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    I am also new here and I am facing same problem hope any one senior may help us.


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      Hello there - hope this helps a bit:

      When you click to 'post a new thread', you will see a line of symbols that starts with B I U. Look along this line and to the right of the symbol of an envelope, you will see a square picture symbol and if you hover the pointer over it, you will see 'insert image'. Click on that symbol and a box will appear that will have a 'select files' button. Click 'select files' and a box will appear with your stuff from your computer. Find the image you want and click it, then click 'open' at the bottom right of the box. Then click 'upload files'.

      Hope I've got that right.
      Annie and Lyn


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        Thanks for the reply but now I
        really am going to show my ignorance because I cannot even see 'post to a new thread'.


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          Hello William
          Your post has made me feel a whole lot better and not such a lonely divvy.


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            Hello Bernie
            When you look at the forum, it's divided into sections. When you click on 'Your Crafts', then 'Your Craft Projects', you will see a list of threads. Near the top of the page on the left-hand side, you will see a blue box with a white cross and the words 'Post New Thread'. Click on that.

            Don't despair - I think all this computer stuff is magic and I rely on my daughter and grand-daughter to show me how to do things!
            Annie and Lyn


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              Has the website changed/been updated since you posted that reply? Or am I just being a complete and utter new user dummy...but I can't find 'your crafts' or 'your craft projects' anywhere after clicking 'forum'.

              Any help in being avle to post a new threads would be brilliant!





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                Hello Alexia
                The forum is divided into sections. The different section headings are in white writing in a coloured bar. 'Your Crafts' is a section and you will see it in a mulberry coloured bar.
                Annie and Lyn