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Funky Munkey Underoos

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  • Funky Munkey Underoos

    I made these one day when I was angry at the stores around me. I saw so many cute undies by they were all size small or extra small so I wasnt able to get any with the cute designs. I used knit material with the monkey design, black knit for the back , along with some stretch lace for the leg holes and waist. I used a pair of undies I already had to make the pattern and guarentee they would fit the way I wanted. Theyre just a normal bikini cut. I included a pic of the inside to show the handstitching I did but I forgot to take a pic of the crotch area to show that there is a second layre of fabric, like the ones you buy in stores. I used a plain white material for that because coloured materials there can apparently cause yeast infections so I try to avoid it if possible.

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    Very good idea! They look great.

    Many people won't attempt to make things like this - I think they're missing out.

    I made myself a bikini back in the 70's (yes, it was quite a while ago wasn't it?) and at the time I didn't think it unusual because so many other people were sewing their own clothes.
    Annie and Lyn


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      They look great... well done