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Invader Zim and Casper shirts.

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  • Invader Zim and Casper shirts.

    These are two of the tube tops that Ive done. The first one is made of a sheer material (the same one used in the tattered skirt Ive posted..accidently in the clothing discussion thread) The chest area has two layers of the material, the upper layer has a ribbon going through the centre so you can ruffle it up at much or as little as you want. It was mostly added so it wouldnt be see-through. The right side has an embroidered InvaderZim image of Gir. His speech bubble says IM GONNA HHHUUUUGGGG YOU! his black bits (mouth,arms,legs and ears) are filled in with fabric paint markers. The second one has casper on it, and the words have a nice sparkle to them. The eye fabric used on the front pocket glows in the dark, which i thought was the perfect touch. Both of these were handsewn, like everything else ive posted.


    Thanks for taking a look at what Ive done

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    The sheer one is very pretty - love the colour.

    Brilliant idea to use glow in the dark stuff for a Casper top!
    Annie and Lyn