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Celtic swivel mirror

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  • Celtic swivel mirror

    errr tried to include image via tinypic but the link keeps breaking so I am doing what I should hve done all along...look into the howto's. *blushes*

    hold on...oh yes, i get it now...copy and paste the img tag below the pic in the gallery...pity I uploaded the wrong photo though. Ah well have asked management if they can delete that gallery entry so I can have another bash at it...this time more there an emoticon of a knuckle dragging neathandrel? Or my brother? both would sum up my current thickheadedness!
    Last edited by larryfroot; 15-09-2007, 06:16 PM. Reason: to delete it until I look in the help section
    Many a mickle muches a markle...

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    Try and get the pic hosted somewhere like photo bucket and then use the link and post it here - same thing really!!

    I've had mixed sucess with trying to put the pic on - sometimes I do it and then think ah, must remember how and then can't next time.....

    Does this stop your blushes??!!


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      Its not big enough

      Pic too small!!

      Try what I said in my last post cos you put the pic on whilst I was typing........