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    Here is a few wood samples from my workshop. The pieces are 5cm long x 3.5cm wide. I am thinking of doing some segmented worked which is glueing them together and turning it into something like they used to after the war with bicuit barrels and bowls when wood was in short supply. They are just in the natural wood, there is quite a lot of interesting colours and there is quite a few different wood types there. There is craft called marquetry which is making pictures and paterns from different woods and I went to talk by a lady who is one of the best in the world and it was most fascinating. If you want to have a go at guessing the types of wood then feel free. Regards Lozz

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    I like segmented work Lozz. I have a lovely large hollow egg made for me as a gift years ago and I love it. It comes apart in the middle as a box and there is a specific way to put it back together where all the rings, lozanges and blocks match up again perfectly. Good luck with it Lozz look forward to seeing some finished work.

    Go see for some beautiful marquetry work too.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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