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  • Patchwork quilt

    thought I'd post a pic of a quilt I've just made for a work colleague.
    The quilt is for a single bed.

    The blue hearts are individually padded & stand out in relief against the quilt.
    The reverse of the quilt has a main body of the blue dotty fabric & a wide border of the red & white gingham.
    The whole quilt is ditch stitched to keep all layers together

    Hope you can access the pic as I'm not too good at uploading images!![/IMG]

    Would be interested in what you think of it

    Many thanks


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    I think I put the wrong URL in my thread!!

    Told you I wasn't very good at uploading photos!!!


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      Wow Sharon that is incredible work well done. All I can say is lucky McKenna. How long did it take you?
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        wow that's brilliant, must have taken hours and hours
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          As a quilter myself I must say I love your design. Well done. I hope you sewed the appropriate legend on the inside. It deserves it.
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            Thats lovely, I'm sure it will be cherished

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              What an absolutely gorgeous gift for anyone... I love patchwork quilts and this has just shown why, such love and attention has obviously gone into the creation of this quilt and your time and effort really shows. It's beautiful. Well done


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                Hi everyone

                thanks so much for your lovely comments. Took quite a while to do as I've been recovering from a hip replacement op & couldn't sit or stand for too long. Normally it would have taken a couple of weeks in between work, shopping, normal life etc.

                It takes a while to come up with a design & chart it out onto paper, then decide on the colours. fabrics etc. I find the quickest part of it is actually the sewing together!

                Its the third one I've done, hoping to do a really girly pink one next as all three have so far been red/white/blue!

                Will post pics of the other 2 shortly

                Thanks for your encouragement - very much appreciated!



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                  That is a beautiful quilt, well done


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                    Sharon - This quilt is gorgeous, the colours you have used give it a lovely fresh look and it would grace any bed beautifully. I love to see a bed with a patchwork quilt on it, don't ask me why but whenever I see it I always get the impression that the bed must be extra comfy and cosy.


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                      Well done, it has come out very well! Look forward to seeing your other ones.

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                        Congratulations on a beautiful quilt that will be cherished for years to come!

                        Have you another planned?

                        Happy Quilting!

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                          Yes, I intend to do a nice pink girly one soon - since I last posted on this thread I've been back in hospital & had the other hip replaced! Just got home two days ago & will give it a little while to recover then start to think about a design. Glutton for punishment!!