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  • First thing in 25 years

    I have threatened, promised, researched and thunk hard.

    Finally I gathered together my ingredients:
    1. black plastic carrier bag
    2. a button
    3. some 0.5mm wire
    4. cotton
    5. small scraps of material
    6. safety pin
    7. crimping shears
    8. an iron
    9. baking parchment

    I fused the bag, ironing between layers of baking parchment, cut out 5 petals, sewed the wire round the edge of each, then each petal together. Put the button in the middle at the front, crimp cut some material into 4 small squares for the back, to cover the wire ends and provide an anchor for the safety pin. It took about 2 hours and I got this


    What do you think (she says hoping for some nice replies)?

    I know the needlework needs to be much more tidy and I did sew one of the petals on backwards - it folds the wrong way! And the back is a bit of a pigs ear. But I can fix all that with practice.

    I didn't intend to make jewellery, but I could make more of these as brooches and hair slides. They cost about 40p to make (with a better pin) and should take about an hour to make once I have practiced. So a real price for me would be about £10. Add shop fees and I am not sure they would sell. Pity! I can imagine making some really nice ones.

    Still, I have birthday pressie sorted for a while
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    I love it! I can defiantly see them selling, have you thaught about doing them as bag charms and broaches too? x
    ~Jo Southall~

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    ~Happy Crafting everyone~


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      Brilliant! I love it,
      Like the idea of broaches, bag charms etc.
      Keep up the good work. xxx

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        It is a brooch at the mo, but I have a bag it would look good on!


        Now. All I need to do is clear some space and get on with it.
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          thats brilliant!
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            Thats really great, haven't done fusing since I was at college, you can do it with coloured bags, some sweety bags and clear plastic, try trapping different things, wool, dried leaves or even coloured bubble wrap etc between clear plastic. It's great fun.

            Jan x
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              Thanks, Jan. I'll add that to the ever growing list of fun things to try!

              I have so many ideas I just need to get organised.

              I have loads of bags (I freegled for some) and some odds and bitses of stuff to play with. I'm looking forward to spending a month or so playing with different techniques and then settling into a routine making something saleable (I have far too many ideas there too).
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