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Scissor Holders!!! What do you think!!!

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  • Scissor Holders!!! What do you think!!!

    I've been working on these - I thought they would be a good idea as I'm always losing my scissors, at least this way they are more visible!
    They are on my blog - as need to figure out how to upload photos on here!

    let me know what you think please.
    Deanne x

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    They look very nice, do they have a string on for hanging round your neck so you dontl ose them while you are working.
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      Love them, nice and colourful.
      Not sure about having string for around the neck, i worry about people tripping over with them and stabbing themselves


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        Aw they look cute. Love the blue one with the toadstall on it but then blue is my fave colour.
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          Really, really nice & a great gift idea!
          Hilary x

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            Ooooh .... they're purdy

            PS - will be in touch re. our emails
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              They are lovely. Felt crafts are really coming to the fore at the moment!
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                aww they are cute - i saw them this morning when i visited via herspacemyspace - its a small world!!
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                  They are great, good idea, maybe you could add a little ribbon hoop or sometng to hang them up with?

                  Loved looking at your blog by the way, its great. Little clay creations are brilliant and love you rpassion flower. We have two of them which cover three fence panels in our garden and they are just stunning, always heaving with the beautiful flowers, we have on in the colour you have shown and also a pinky purpley one, I love them.
                  Jo x

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                    wow - thank you for all your lovely words - heres some answers to questions or suggestions!

                    I think I would be the one who would end up tripping over and stabbing myself! lol
                    Hi JbJb - speak to you soon - glad its all going well for you though
                    I love your blog OG your aprons and bags are delicious and
                    Thank you sommerwood, i couldnt believe i found such a gorgeous plant in Morrisons!!!! Good to know they go outside too, cant wait for our garden to be done, I'll defo be getting some more.

                    thank you so much again xxx
                    Deanne x

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                      Really lovely, I can see children getting them as presents, keeps the sharp blades nice and safe until they need to use them.

                      Great idea.



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                        Your blog is so natural!
                        Love 'Stephanie'!!
                        I've had my eye on a passion flower plant at Morrisons too

                        Oh, yep, nice scissor holders too - would be good as a set - scissor holder and a pencil case matching?