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red knitted bag

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  • red knitted bag

    Well the bag is knitted using a pattern from a knitting mag ,now to sew it up line it and now here comes the hard part,...... make the flowers to go on it using my new prym flower loom !!!! is it just me or are the instructions not that easy to follow, have found a couple of good videos on you tube so here goes !!!

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    well at last have have time to let you know how i got on with the flower loom, I found the videos on you tube very good, not sure if i made them completely the right way,( but i am pleased with the result), but i have made a big mistake !! i brought wool to knite a jumper while out shopping and what does that mean !! you may ask, the knitted bag is now waiting to be stitched together and lined. but i couldnt wait to start the jumper < is anyone else like that I just cant wait to start new projects, I have so many books on different crafts i want to try my hand at (when time allowes!!)mind you now they have raised the retirement age i will have to wait even longer before time allowes!!! that or win the lottery. so many crafty things to do and so little time ,


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      You sound like me! lol! I'd love to see photos of your bag and flowers.


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        the bag sounds lovely, would love to see a pic too.
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          will have to talk nicely to my daughter next time she visits to get her to take photos and put on here for me,
          from joy