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  • Lots of New Goodies!

    I've been making like crazy for my first ever craft fair which is next Tuesday, and I thought I'd show you all. I'm really nervous about it, and people keep giving me different ideas on what I should sell there that I find myself getting all confuddled where I am flitting between different things. Anyway, here we go...

    These large cosmetics bags will be £7.50 each, and I'm making smaller ones for £3.50.

    The earrings are only £7.50 and come with a matching necklace which is £12.50.

    Another matching set. Earrings - £7.50, necklace £10.50.

    This new pocket watch necklace - £10.50

    This new heart charm necklace - £12.50

    And finally, this cute bunny ragdoll is £12.50 and is so nice I might just have to make another! lol

    I also have a whole new range of vintage satchels that I will be debuting at the fair, but aren't quite finished yet =(. I've bought fancy tablecloths, new price tags, and had my dad make me a board to hang all my jewellery from. Its only a little fair, but its all publicity as I keep telling myself!
    Anyway, what do you think? They are all available in my online shop as well.

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    I looove the rag doll! She's so pretty. Hope the fair goes well
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      Its all beautiful but, Oh, I love the rabbit.
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        Hope you have a really good day next Tuesday! Wishing you the very best of luck you're stuff is great and I was thinking the cameo necklace was my favourite until I saw the bunny....sooo cute!


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          I think you have a really good range of very nice well made products! I hope you do really well


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            good luck

            i wish you lots of luck at the fair! i love all of your stuff and i'm sure you will do really well!
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              wow, i hope you do really well. im sure you will. I love the pocket watch and rose pendant - gorgeous! Good luck!


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                I love the rabbit and the pocket watch.

                Good luck




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                  I love the pocket watch necklace! Good luck at the fair
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                    Loving the cameo's where did you get them if you dont mind me asking and the bunny is cute as well
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                      great product..its affordable also..
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