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    attach pictures? I have tried from my computer and it won't upload them, I've also tried the url of my website pictures but that won't work either?

    I have a lovely collection that I've just released and wanted to show you all!

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    Sorry, I haven't worked that one out either yet... Could you link us to your website though?
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      I am the opposite to a pooter nerd so my way has to be the easiest poss. I put my pics on Flickr and then copy and paste to here or I upload them to my album on here and do the same. Dead easy (if you have a Flickr acc.).
      Are you having a prob. putting them into your craft forum alum?
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        I'm in the dark on this as well. If you put a link in your signature at least you will be able to show everybody that way. Hopefully, somebody 'in the know' will be able to advise us both.
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          If you're replying to a post you need to:

          1. Select "Go Advanced" under the box you type in.
          2. Click on the "Insert image" icon in the toolbar above the message box (6 from the right) and it will pop up a dialogue box.
          3. Click on "Select Files" and it will let you browse your computer for images to add.
          4. Click on "Upload file(s)" and it should insert your image(s) in your message like this...

          Hope that helps

          (It's the first time I've tried that so I hope it works! )
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            It's possible that your picture file is too big. You need to scale it down. I use the free trial version of Graphic Converter...I can tell you exactly how to do it if you want to give that a try. I scale my pics down to 50% and there;s no problems uploading them.


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              Georgiadixonsss 059.jpgJust testing. Whoopee!!!! I can do it

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                Ooh this is a new and much easier way, thanks Helen I've been uploading to Photobucket, then copy & pasting from there, so being able to do this it this way is great. thanks for sharing (ps this is my Lucy, sorry about the blurry head!) Only thing, how come it doesn't show up as a piccie in the post
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                  lucy1.jpg Just having another go.... haha, I didn't 'go advanced' the first time, so it just showed up with the words 'attachment'.
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                    004.jpgWhey hey. So can I now. I told you I was the opposite to a nerd. Now its nerts look out. Thank you
                    God helps them that help themselves.