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Keepsake Boxes.... Any Good? =/

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  • Keepsake Boxes.... Any Good? =/

    I've been making some keepsake boxes for my shop, which is a first for me, and I wondered what you guys think?? I've never made these kind of things before, woodwork and such, and I found it surprisingly stressful! I've had a steep learning curve with these, so hopefully they won't be so stressful in the future, but you never know lol.

    This was the first, which went smoothly:

    And this was the second which was a pain! Mostly because the lid goes on the inside (even though I order three of the same boxes which had a lid like the one above! Grrr lol.)

    I am planning on doing some more of them, and some round storage boxes if they prove to be popular. But that's a big IF. They were a lot harder than I originally thought they would be, and took me quite some days to perfect. But I think that's just a testament to me never having really worked with wood before.

    Sorry for the large photos btw =o! How do you think they look, not being a wood kind of girl lol?

    And what do you think for around £10-12 each??

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    Ooh those are nice! How big are they?
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      I love them, my fav is the first one, so delicate. I would love to get hold of some of those boxes myself, how big are they?
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        Oooh thanks guys! The green one is 18.5cm x 9cm and the blue one is 18cm x almost 10cm. Not much difference between them, but they are a decent size I thought. I wanted ones that were a nice size, not too big or small when I bought them.


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          Oh these are a wonderful idea, I love the first one. I'm not keen on the second one but only because I don't care for the shade of green.

          You've done a fabulous job and I'm sure your efforts will be rewarded, keep up the good work.



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            They are very pretty, vintage looking and would be lovely as gifts. Do you make the boxes or buy them and decorate?



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              They are lovely, do you sell the blanks(ie, undecorated)?


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                They are gorgeous and you have just given me inspiration to make one for my sister's bump. My Mum even kep the pregnancy test stick she pee'd on - ha ha ha.

                I love the green one, but then green is my favourite colour.


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                  These boxes are fantastic. They would make a fantastic gift.
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