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Vintage button notecards

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  • Vintage button notecards

    I have loads and loads of vintage buttons just sitting and doing nothing so I decided to make some cards using them - very simple but quite effective I think. On Etsy and going on Tuggle soon

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    Lovely, i love buttons


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      OOhhhh! Very nice!
      I think buttons are really tactile and look great on cards!


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        I love them. The coloured pannels behind them are great. are they stamped?

        Have I told you before that Eden is phobic about buttons. We have a terrible time because of it. She's been like it since before she could talk.
        I have never to my knowledge hurt her with a button or anything like that.
        She is acutly aware of buttons. If you took her in to a room and then straight out again she could tell you which people have them on and she will avoid physical contact with anyone who is wearing them.
        Her uniform has caused all sorts of problems. Her cardigan has the buttons cut off and her shirt id a boys zip front one from Adams. her sunner dress has a zip on.
        She loves clothes shopping 9what girl doesn't?) but the first thing she will do is inspect the clothing to see if it has buttons on.

        She is going to be a bridesmaid for my sister in September and she's so excited but said she'd not do it if the dress had buttons.

        The school nurse and the GP have said she may grow out of it but we are not to force the issue or force her to wear them. (don't see how we could do that anyway when she'd rather go naked than have a button on.)
        full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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          I love buttons, I remember my Grandma used to have a huge box of assorted ones when I was little I used to sit and play with for hours, wish I had kept it now, they would be real vintage!!
          Jo x

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