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Mini-peg rack (coat hooks)...

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  • Mini-peg rack (coat hooks)...

    Hi everyone.

    Now maybe I am spending too much time on this forum with you ladies, this new mini peg rack has a definate girly look to it....

    What do you think? It's just 16cm long so is really a coat hook for the back of a door etc...

    The hearts are printed on my hand press and then the whole thing is aged/dsitressed and so on....

    I am quite pleased with it, think it would look quite nice in a girls room.


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    Cute, very cute and thank you for my peg rack i purchased from you last wk...It looks really lovely in my kitchen! was meant for my studio but hubby got to it first!

    Any chance you could do me 2 of this new design for next wk? with my nieces and nephews name on? So one pink n one blue?

    Just let me know if you can, no problem if its too short notice...There staying with me Next Tues/wed/thurs

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      Very cute Steve! Will go down well at craft fairs :0) Glad to hear us 'girlies' have inspired you!
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        Very nice, I think you will need to do one with Formula one cars or something matcho for Mr Media and Peter though, they might start to feel a bit left out!!! (and no no page 3 pin ups!!!)hehe.


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          Very cute.... ... and girly!
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            Excellent Steve - love it!!!

            Have you sorted out your problem with the shrinkage?

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              Beautiful, girly but also shabby chic looking so not too girly!!
              Jo x

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                Hubby was looking over my shoulder when I was reading this thread ... they must be good if he makes a comment lol.

                I personally think they're soooooooo cute and chic, it's a good job my daughter didn't see it otherwise she'd be begging for one.

                Well done.

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                  Hello all,

                  thanks for your great feedback on the mini-peg. Now I know that you all think it's nice I will make a batch and try them out at upcoming fairs and put them on my site.

                  I find it really helpful to get some feedback from you all before I go ahead with making batchesof items. So, thanks everyone, you're very helpful.

                  Zebra - I will PM you.

                  Many thanks

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                    Very nice Steve.
                    We have done a simular peg rack in the past which proved to be very popular.
                    Good luck with it.