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Eeek ... introducing Nyan Nyan Scented Soy Candles !!

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  • Eeek ... introducing Nyan Nyan Scented Soy Candles !!

    So guys

    I am finally in a position to take photos of .. and start to promote my candles. It's all a bit scary and I was just wondering what you experts thought ??? Please be kind to me ... ive been putting off a thread for ages but thought it was time to bite the bullet

    Unfortunately this website will not allow me to post a link as I have not been a member for long enough, but please go to Facebook and search Nyan Nyan Soy Candles .. I will appear like magic. In the meantime ill try to get some pictures uploaded onto CF .... alternatively go to my website (in my sig) and there is a HUGE link on the home page to my Facebook group ... sorry it's the long way round !

    Any feedback would be really appriciated ... and please feel free to join the group for up coming offers, new creations and news.

    Best Wishes

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    Organic soy wax candles in upcycled containers influenced by Japan.

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    Well done they all look scrumptious.

    Will join your group and will be interesting to see what else you bring.

    Congrats on your first thread too .

    "Mother Nature is a crafter, a therapist, and a small business on a large scale.. she presents us with an abundance of opportunities and it's up to us how we use them in our lives "


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      Thanks Mandy

      Just saw your message on Facebook ... how exciting .. thank you

      Organic soy wax candles in upcycled containers influenced by Japan.


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        I want the one with the kitty on! Mao Mao (I know that's Chinese but I don't know much Japanese lol) Things with kitties are always good!

        All your candles look lovely and very professional. I wouldn't tell they're upcycled but then that's the idea, really!
        So many things to make, so little time!


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          I've also joined your Facebook group - loving your Japanese theme


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            Lovely items and with your fantastic descriptions I can almost smell them. Lovely ideas for gifts
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