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Cute little badges!

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  • Cute little badges!

    Cute little Mervyn the Mouse badges (children's Ladybird books). The cover of the book was ruined so I decided to rescue the pages and make these badges. More badges coming soon from other Ladybird books!
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    Nice work Swirly! Are you OK with copyright doing something like that?
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      Love them
      very cute! - Fabric buttons, button supplies and handmade accessories


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        Absolutely Gorgeous Lynsey. Don't destroy all the ladybird books though. lol


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          Lovely!!Tho had a flashback to a young woman I knew when I was about 10 and she drew in ink little mice on tags!They were fab!I wonder what happened to her.

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            Please do be careful with copyright - I know someone who knows someone who got prosecuted - I can't remember what they used but they did get found out.
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              they are sho cute.


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                Re-copyright - I was the same - used to use trolls in some of my earring styles until I got an email from the owners full of legal terms saying I had to pay over £30,000 for using their products without permission - It was not long after I started trading and I was petrified! Got legal advice from my legal dude and found out that as I had bought the trolls and not made them i had not broken law but I still had to remove all from the website and give details of all sources etc (just said ebay in general so was not dropping people in it).

                Please be careful - gorgeous though the badges are, as you actually made them it could spell trouble for you - my legal guy said if I had made the trolls then even if none had sold they could have made me pay the £30k due to copyright laws. Chances are the copyright owners will never know you made them but dont try to sell them or others unless you are sure you are ok about copyright.

                Cripes, just read that back and I sound so old and serious lol
                (sneaks a peak at her secret troll earrings that she never wears but keeps as a slight rebellion)
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