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KIPanimals...the return...JIGSAWS!!

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  • KIPanimals...the return...JIGSAWS!!

    Hi everyone,

    here is the test for KIPanimal jigsaws. I have been thinking and there was just something bugging me about KIPanimals. I liked them but just seemed to be something missing. I think I am much happier to have them as jigsaws. Nice and simple, four or five pieces. They still serve as an ornament but is a bit more fun for kids, plus I think it's nice that they come in pieces in the printed muslin bag.

    It takes a little longer to make so I will have to put up the price from £5.45 to £6.45.

    What do you all think? All feedback very welcomed. If you all agree I will make the existing range extinct and re-launch as Kipanimal Jigsaws!!


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    Really excellent, you are talented Steve.

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      Hi Steve,

      They look great ! Have you thought about printing the actual animals features on them ...could be a good range for toddlers ! Just a thought...but I think these are fab also !
      Lorraine xx
      PS, great must have a real steady hand !!
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        Talented Indeed!

        And I know this because I have a KIPcat!

        Thanks Steve - I love it!

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          Jigsaws are a great idea!
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            theer so fantatstic! i think they make great ornaments.


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              luv the jigsaws, and luv your website.

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                I think thry are great and due to the extra work involved i think the price increase is very reasonable - good luck
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                  Thanks everyone for your positive comments. Very flattering of you all.

                  Right, so KIPanimal jigsaws it is then, we are all in agreement!! I've got about 20 made up, so that's a fun day cutting all those into jigsaws. I can feel my back aching already!!!

                  Still, I feel much better making them jigsaws.

                  I will have to update my website too, geez websites are a pain!!

                  Also, I ahve taken your advise and am going to have a readers suggestions for naming theKIPanimal families. Details be in our first little newsletter next week, which many of you have so kindly subscribed to.

                  Thanks everyone.

                  Oh, and Jules, so glad you like the KIpcat!!
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                    They look great Steve! Are you going to try them on Ebay or stick to having them on your own website?
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                      Not sure yet.

                      There are loads of wooden toys on ebay. I haven't made the animals look like real animals as I can't compete on price with the standard indian made kiddies toys that you see everywhere.

                      I am having a think about how to market them, don't really want to compete against other 'toys' so I may try ebay going along the craft/gift route.

                      I am so behind on my ebay and website products it's mind boggling!! Keeping on top of everything is hard work!!

                      All good though. Work to be done!!

                      Handmade woodcrafts - relaunching soon.
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