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My first charm bracelet

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  • My first charm bracelet

    I have been making this for a while now, on and off, and finally took some piccies the other day, they're a bit dodgy but I hope you can see enough . If you'd like to offer any tips or suggestions or if you can see anything i have done wrong could you let me know please? I know some of the rings are on the wrong side and can see me wanting one of those stands to keep the bracelet in place for any future ones I make! I really enjoyed making it, just got to finish it now. It's tarnished quite a bit though, gone a bit pink, is that possible? How do I get rid of this? thanks for looking

    I think I may use the tiny jump rings next time as I'm not keen on the 'space' these ones make...they seem quite thin too...could i put more than one charm through each jump ring do you think? Is that what you're supposed to do rather than just the one like I've done?
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    I don't make jewelry but that looks really nice, well done!
    Mandy x


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      Very nice!! I love cloisonne beads. I have made a fair few charm bracelets and I would say the size of those jump rings balances the look of the bracelet quite nicely, but they don't look very strong - I would substitute them for smaller ones and put at least two jump rings through each charm to lessen the chance of them breaking off.

      It doesnt look like you have used wrapped loops on your charm bracelet - it took me a long time to teach myself how to make neat wrapped loops however it is definitely worth it as it looks tidier and they are far stronger as a little tug on a normal loop and it will come apart.

      With regard to your silver tarnishing, i guess it is silver plated. I use silver plate a lot and some of the cheaper stuff the silver coating tends to flake away very easily so its worth spending a little more on findings and wire so it lasts longer and you can work with it more easily without it flaking off. You can get silver restorers but i am not sure how well the cloisonne will hold up to that, so prevention is better than cure... I wear thin cotton gloves when making tiaras or delicate charm bracelets so the oils on my fingers don't contaminate the silver. Keep it away from damp and strongly scented things like hairspray, perfume etc. The best way to store it is in a sealed bag or in a box etc with a sachet of dessicant to remove the harmful moisture from the air around it.

      Beautiful charm bracelet though, watch out they are addictive!


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        wrapped loops are a good idea, i love the beads youve used


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          As said on Facebook, this looks fab!!

          I've only just started to buy some beads to have a go at beaded bookmarks and phone charms (beads arrived today - not attempted anything yet!) but love what you've done


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            It looks lovely.

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              I think your bracelet looks great.

              Im new on here. I also make charm bracelets.
              I love using Cloisenne beads. They are beautiful

              I also have had problems with tarnishing, as I use silver plated materials. havent come up with a solutiuon although i find some suppiers provide better quality than others and i dont re-order from less quality ones again.
              I had a lot of fun experimenting with the charm bracelets (and necklaces) i have made.
              some have just one on each link like yours and some ive had over 40 beads of various sizes. I get my customers (and my two 20 something daughters) to give me feedback. If something doesnt work i learn form it and just undo it all.
              Im a great believer in trying things out. Everything i make has been self taught and ive made plenty of mistakes along the way!
              good luck with your charm bracelets. its very addicitive
              I will post some of mine when I am allowed to


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                Thanks Kathy, I look forward to seeing yours. You're right, once you learn the techniques and get the fastenings and finishes correct nothing is really right or wrong, if you like it and it works go with it! Thanks
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                  Your charm bracelet looks lovely.