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    If you have read any of my other posts you will have realised i am an 18 year old young lady from Ormskirk,in lancashire. I am an art student who has just finished college.

    I am currently looking for an apprentice postion/job within wigan,preston,liverpool or nearby places which allows me to be creative and try new things,i am open to anything to be honest weather it be art related,jewellery design,glassx textiles ect

    I know times are difficult for many people but i thought i would keep trying despite this, in case anything comes up in any form

    I would conside myself an 'eclectic' person who is interested in all kinds of art and crafts,i love vintage clothes and costume jewellery,i love antiques and one of,unusual pieces. I am a hard worker,creative,and believe i could contribute many things in the right position!

    I have added some of my art pieces to a photobucket account,for people too see what i can do and am incredibly passionate about:

    Any advice,,opportunities,private messages,or just some kind words are all greatly appreciated

    Best wishes


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    sorry i can't help but i can wish you lots of luck and hope you find something, you obviously have a deep passion for art which shows in your work

    keep my fingers crossed for you
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      Your paintings and sketches are really good. I know there aren't many art jobs around, but don't give up. You could try studying in an off-shoot - product design, interior design, etc? You could think about a teaching qualification? Maybe think about self-employment? (Caution: you may need a part-time job to bring in a little spending money and grow the business slowly). Do you like computer work? - a lot of art/design work is IT based these days, and you may need to study further to do this.

      With all these, I'd say get some good strong advice. You're young enough to talk to Connexions - have they anything to advise? Try doing an internet search on creative careers. Look in your local library for anything that might help.

      Also think about voluntary work. You'll have a volunteer bureau in your town, or nearby town, and if you can do voluntary work for a company, you may end up with a job with them - or at least some good experience for your CV.

      Good luck with your search! Let us know of any good news on here!
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        thank you

        at the moment i'm not sure i want to go back into full time studying,but i do like i.t and would be willing to do some further part time study if this was to help me!

        i will look in the libarary,voluntary jobs ect

        and thank you for the good luck

        best wishes


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          thanks again to anyone that has taken an interest in this


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            surely someone out there needs an eager pair of extra hands


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              I'm really sorry I can't help with your job hunting but I love your work, I especially like the mixed media family work you have done and the angles used in the last few pictures.

              I wish you all the best of luck and hope that a talented person like yourself finds something soon. You obviously deserve it.
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                aw thank you very much,it genuinly means alot to me

                thanks again!



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                  I sure hope you will find what you seek very soon, as you are very talented. Good luck. xx


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                    Very talented Ellen. Your work is great.



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                      i keep saying thank you but i mean it lol
                      thank you very much


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                        Have you considered pattern making? There seems to be a world wide shortage of patterns for boys. People seem to be making good money selling even very basic patterns on Etsy and to be honest alot of them are the same styles - I think there is a gap in the market here especially if you can pdf them.

                        With your stock items have you tried local businesses as decore for their shops or offices? Just a thought, if anything else occurs I'll post again

                        Whatever you decide good luck keep plugging away, make a nuisance of yourself then you will be at the front of peoples minds when an opportunity comes up

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                          thats a good idea,i've never really thought of patternmaking to be honest.

                          And yes i have thought about that but at the moment alot of my work is tied up in college shows ect for the next few months

                          haha i think i am definatly becoming a nuisance lol perhaps thats not a bad thing though if someone thinks of me in terms of a job hopefully!

                          Thanks for the help



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                            thank you very much



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                              aghhh i've been trawling the newspapers internets and shops ect allll weekend and nada on the job front!!

                              I know something will come up eventually,i just wish it would come a bit sooner