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  • New Creation!

    I've been rather busy of late being domestic and whatnot, but I wanted to show off my new project

    I have a forties event at the weekend, and had been meaning to make a Royal Navy theme dress for ages!

    I used the forties dress pattern I usually use, then made it a two piece, lengthened the skirt and made the collar .. I had to hand sew it on as it wasn't going to happen using my machine.

    I will be wearing seams, gloves, a hat and have my hair done on the day .. I don't ordinarily have such untamed hair for events!

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    how fantastic, clever you

    nautical is back in this season as well isn't it?

    don't forget your snap clasp bag that they used to carry in the 40s

    have a fab time and enjoy all the compliments your'e bound to get
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      That's a lovely dress! I wouldn't even know where to start!
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        Love it, love it, love it!!! You clever girl!
        Gail x

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          What a fantastic dress... you must have so much patience to sit down and come up with all these wonderful creations.

          Enjoy your 40's night and I'm sure you will get lots of great comments on your fab outfit


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            wow, that's fantastic

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              Amazing - you certainly look ship shape in that
              Nic x
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                hi Melanie
                Your creations are so fabulous!!Well done you are so talented!!


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                  It's fabulous! Nautical is such a great look, and it always seems to come back in every few years.

                  Enjoy your forties night!
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                    Wow, you are very talented, what a great dress. You just reminded me of the song of Christina Aguilera 'Candy Man'. Have a great time.


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                      looks fab!! hope you have a great nite
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                        Fabby! Wish I could do what you do!

                        Enjoy your night!

                        Kim xx



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                          That's lovely. I really do love the 40's style (that's when women really did have style) I bet it will look absolutely fantastic with the whole ensemble of hair, hat, gloves and seams.

                          Please post a pic of the whole outfit before you go out.
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                            Thank you everyone! I'm pleased you like it

                            The event is actually a daytime weekend event .. outdoors, so I hope the weather is nice!


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                              Ah, memories. I remember seeing my old Mum in something very similar. You can stop counting, I was born in 1940 and can remember back to when I was 3. Very little fabric in dresses in those days because of the coupon system.
                              God helps them that help themselves.