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and now for something different-zodiacs

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  • and now for something different-zodiacs

    No not mosaics this time, but the last of my pottery projects until September!!

    I made them using buff clay, cutting out the bases and then adding thin sausages of clay for the edges and design. After they were fired I glazed them and added shards of glass which when fired again melt with the glaze and make a "fused" glass effect

    The air signs are:
    Aquarius, gemini, libra

    The fire signs are:
    Sagittarius, aries, leo

    The water signs are:
    cancer, scorpio, pisces

    and finally, the earth signs are:
    Capricorn, taurus, virgo
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    these are really cute. How large are they and are they heavy as they would be fab on cards!!
    Can we buy them and how much ha ha!


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      They are lovely, how big are they?

      Well done

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        Oooooo I like those!!!!
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          They're really effective. how big are they?
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            I think they may be too big and heavy for cards. I made them as wall hangings.

            They are around the 100g mark (3.5oz) and measure 8cm (3inch) approx. Have to say that they don't all lay completely flat due to kiln temperatures used.

            I will hopefully be selling them at my next fair for £4.50.
            Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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              yes a bit big - was expecting them to be v little from piccy 1/2 inch to 1 inch ! think they will go really well, i love them!!! you should consider doing some small ones though if they were quite thin they would look great mounted on cards and I would defo buy a pack always on look out for different embellishments


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                The trouble with doing them thin is that they will warp when fired due to the heat needed.

                Also the smaller you go the thinner the sausages needed for the design, these were bad enough trying to get the bends and extra little bits.

                When I'm back at college in September I will definitely see how small I can get them though!
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                  love the colours


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                    These are fantastic Diane... definitely something different!!

                    I really like them


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                      I love them, the colours are fab!

                      Makes me want to have a go!!!


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                        Thanks all.

                        Laura, I still havent finished the fairies. Hope to tomorrow or a bit later, have been having a great time breaking some bone china though!!!!!!
                        Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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                          Glad to hear that you've been having a smashing time Diane!!

                          I'm sure your fairies won't mind waiting seeing as you're enjoying yourself


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                            Ooh pretty! Very nice effect with the glass.
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                              really love them...

                              never seen any like them before , my first thought was ohh they'd make a lovely mobile , each member of the families zodiac sign
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