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Introducing Aarambha, a little doll

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  • Introducing Aarambha, a little doll

    Hi everyone!

    Most of the time I don't share my creations because everyone on here posts the most amazing and perfect work and I feel somewhat embarrassed by my work. I decided today though that I am still learning my craft and I would still like to share my not-so-perfect works with you. I hope this is OK. Maybe someone will even learn from my mistakes!

    This is my first doll (her name, Aarambha, means beginning in Sinhalese). She is far from perfect but since she is the first doll I have made, I'm very proud of her. Her body and head are made of polymer clay. Her arms and legs move as they are joined to the body by wire. Her simple clothing is sewn from printed cotton. Her face is painted on with acrylic paint (and I can see how it's a bit scary looking! I've thankfully ordered some smaller brushes online today.) and her hair is standard embroidery thread.

    She is the first of many more to come!

    I also wanted to take the oppurtunity to ask any doll makers on the forum if they can see any obvious mistakes I have made and if they could offer any suggestions to fix them? One thing that confuses me, is that before I baked her, she was able to stand but now she just wobbles over. It's only her skirt rim that is keeping her up now! Any suggestions on how to make sure the end product stand would be great!

    Anyway, enough rambling. Just wanted to share and ask for some advice.

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    She's WONDERFUL!!!

    When my grown daughters were younger, my mother collected little bisque animal head dolls for them - NONE of them would stand alone. They came with a little stand that encircled them under their arms and was not very noticeable.

    Aarambha is terrific! Great job!


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      She is gorgeous, so tiny and sweet, you should be very proud of what you have made and please post more I love to see your work.

      Kim xx


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        She is lovely, so cute.

        Well done

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          She is lovely!!! Don't put your work down... this is fantastic!!


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            She's great. When you baked her, the weight changed and the clay shrinks up slightly. This would be enough to knock her off ballance.
            By inserting a roll of cardboard under her skirt, around her legs, it should be enough to support her upright with out being seen or being permanant.

            With faces, often less is more and a hint of something works better than having to do a fully detailed face.
            A couple of eyelashes at the outer edge etc.

            you can always cut most of the bristles off a brush leaving two or three.

            make sure you show us some more of your work. We'd love to see what else you do.
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              Oh Nuky she is so sweet. You should have seen my first attempt LOL. Even now If I am really pleased with a sculpt you can guarantee I burn the thing LOL. She is very very good.
              I usually have a stand or plinth for my dolls, or a pose that dosnt need them. Sitting or lounging etc. If I am using a plynth I attach it before I bake the feet, or leave wire sicking out of the feet to push into the plynth iyswim. Keep up the good work darl.
              Remember we are all still learning. xxx

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                She's lovely.

                Please remember - everyone can always learn something and improve their work, no matter how long they have been doing it.



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                  That is very sweet. Well done on a very lovely first attempt. The only observation I have is her eyelashes, as BBD says less is more. Either get a very fine tipped brush or cut off the bristles, as suggested then just a few at the outer edge, just barely visible. Perhaps just a dot for the eyes and a small dot for a mouth. Lots of dolls I have seen this small have barely any facial features. Sometimes just dots for eyes and nothing else.

                  Keep up the good work, we all start from somewhere and end up somewhere else!!!!!
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                    She is lovely and well done. Glad one or two people have been able to offer advice and, as has been said, make sure you show us your future work.


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                      She is so lovely. I will never grow out of loving dolls - I hope not anyway!
                      Gail x

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                        Thank you for all your lovely comments, it's made my day! I'm very happy I decided to post it in the end

                        And the advice is brilliant too. I dug up one of my old cheapo watercolour brushes and cut the bristles off for the eyelashes. I lay them in parallel lines on foil paper and put a thick knitting needle across them and wrapped the foil around the needle. Once it was all wrapped up, I rubbed it along the outside and left it for a bit. And when I opened up the foil, the bristles had a nice slight curve to them.. can't wait to do the next doll so I can put them on it! And I completely agree you all, less is definitely more! I practised painting some faces this size in my notebook and they look a lot better with just dots and lines. Also, I will try putting a mini stand under her clothes for her to stand up too.

                        Thank you so much for all the help! Definitely given me plenty to think about for the next one.. Gonna go get started now
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                          she's soooo cute.
                          I can just imagine that's the sort of majorly cute figure that my daughter would just hold and never let go. when she gets attached to something that's it, there's no parting with it!
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                            aww. shes cute...very little and dainty.