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I Have Become a Spirit Jumper!!

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  • I Have Become a Spirit Jumper!!

    I am extremely excited and honoured to be a part of this wonderful group of kind, loving and talented people. I stumbled upon the Spirit Jump Blog a couple of months ago and was instantly drawn to become involved. It was started by a wonderful, courageous woman, Meaghan, a cancer survivor. Meaghan was diagnosed with end stage cancer in Feb '07 and throughout her courageous and difficult battle she had a few bright moments (as she describes them), when she would return to her hospital bed or her home and find a special gift that someone had left for her, either a card, book, fruit basket, these things momentarily lifted her spirits and subsequently gave her the inspiration to form "Spirit Jump". "So what is a Spirit Jump?" I hear you ask... well......

    Spirit Jump is a project that connects the gift giver with a person battling cancer. So if you have artistic abilities or even just an extra card or spare gift in your drawer and you want to give it to a person in need then all you need to do is sign up to the Spirit Jump project and Meaghan will introduce you to a person in need whose spirits you can lift!

    After a few weeks wait I am now really excited to be informed by Meaghan that I have been paired with a wonderful young lady in New York. I am in the process of creating a few gifts for her which I will be posting out to her in the next week or so. Once I've made my items I'll list them here for you to see and also keep you updated on how my first Spirit Jump went.

    Please take a moment to check out Meaghans Blog, it is wonderfully inspiring.

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    What a beautiful idea, I am sure your gifts will bring much pleasure.
    I am sure, most of us, when wrapped up in our daily grind, forget those who are less fortunate.

    Lovely, thank you for sharing this with us

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      What a lovely idea... having witnessed my mum battle cancer and lose her life to the evil disease in February 2007, I can only imagine what a little lift of spirits receiving a small gift to show you are in someones thoughts would be. I hope all goes well for you in this project


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        That sounds really wonderful Amanda, I'll be having a look at the blog myself

        Jan xx
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          What a wonderful idea! Going to have a look at the blog now...

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            Thank you for your lovely comments, and yes, please do take a look at the Spirit Jump blog, everyone on this forum is so super talented I
            know Meaghan would love to have you on board if you have the time.



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              This is such a nice idea.. I am on the blog now.. I'd love to join.
              Some of my creations:


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                What a fantastic idea! I have recently lost a close friend to cancer so this has really touched me, good luck with your gifts i am sure whoever receives them will be truly thankful. Going to have a read of the blog again
                good luck