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props for Ridley Scott's Robin Hood

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  • props for Ridley Scott's Robin Hood

    Last year I had a really nice request to make a large collection of bowls for the set of Ridley Scott's next epic film based on the Robin Hood story. The film was delayed but is now just starting filming and they decided they liked the bowls so much they wanted some more, lots the end of the week. So after sorting out all my stock, photographing, pricing discussing this is another set of bowls for the film set. I am really thrilled that they are going to so much effort to have things that look right, I really would have expected them to use cheap mass produced bowls and "age" them.

    Vanessa Redgrave is now cast as the mother of Kings John and Richard along with Russel Crowe as Robin Hood and Kate Blanchett as Marion. It should be in the cinemas next May, I shall be there looking at the props.

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    Well done

    Your work is truly lovely, you must be thrilled.

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      Wow that's brilliant. Well done!
      ReganLottie x

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        Congrats - what a tribute to your bowls!
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          Wow!! What excellent news... well done


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            Great bowls, they are going to look perfect for the film.

            Originally posted by waitingformagic
            Random question: Will you be on set?? I'm in the film!!!!
            Tell us more...
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              Lovely stuff!

              But....Russel Crowe as Robin Hood!
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                That's great - they look wonderful!

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                  Originally posted by waitingformagic
                  I'm a model and tv/film extra

                  ...Not as cool as anyone getting their stuff used as props though!

                  *wonders if she can get some jewellery in shot* (Not that I try doing this on jobs.......... )
                  Sounds pretty cool to me, more interesting that what most folk end up doing to pay the way,

                  I might be on set in July, my old lathe is going to be in the background of a set, they were going to be filming that scene whilst I was on holiday in Germany but things have gone back so I may be the turner which would be fun. I at least get to visit to set the lathe up properly which will be interesting, I have never seen a proper film set before I imagine it's quite surreal.


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                    Congratulations to you, you deserve it, fab bowls.




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                      they are gorgeous congrats to you !!, xx

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                        Well done and congratulations to you...I am totally jealous.I would kill to see my jewellery in a film.
                        Your work is beautiful,well done again.


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                          Wow!!!That is one of the best things that could happen well done. I'd love for my work to be in a film, my original plan was to get into costume design when I left uni.

                          Robin Hood...hmmm do they need any bags....!?!

                          Congratulations, your work looks fab, not even gonna ask how long they took to make! can't wait to see the film
                          Dee x
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                            Wowe! They're fantastic and that's amazing!
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