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Some of my henna work

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  • Some of my henna work

    Hi everyone,

    I've attached a picture (one of many) of some of my henna work.

    Apologies now if the picture doesn't look brilliant - I'n new to the forum and still finding my feet.
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    Ooh it's tiny! I wish I could see it...are you able to make it a bit bigger please? I had a henna butterfly done on my shoulder when I was on holiday in Portugal, I think it's beautiful and the work that is done for weddings on hands and feet is stunning. Looking forward to seeing your work

    Ps, I was impatient and had a look in your album, it's goooorgeous!
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      I've just had a look in your album... absolutely stunning work


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        Can't see the pic but fluffy prompted me to look at your album. Your work is stunning.

        I work on a market and last summer several of the asian traders were attending a family wedding and the women were actually painting their hands and feet whilst they were working to save theirselves some time. I loved watching them and if they do it again I will definitely ask them to paint my hands and feet.

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          Just looked at your album, your work is amazing.

          Well done


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            Wow! I love henna work - especially when I see it on Indian ladies. It looks so intricate - does henna not wash off of fabric?
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              Wow, I just got prompted to look at your album too. Great work I've never thought of henna used for anything apart from hair and body learn something new on here every day


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                and Ive been looking in your album too. fantastic, I never knew you could henna other things, the cushion is great and the picture frame looks just like pyrography!

                Well done!
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                  Wow, what stunning work, it's so intricate, absolutely beautiful. How long does the henna stain stay on the skin?
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                    Really beautiful art work there! Your very talented.


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                      Gail: No the henna stain will not wash off on the fabric as I've heat sealed it. So the cover can be washed in the washing machience without damaging the colour.

                      Autumn Faerie: The duration of the henna stain veries depending on what part of the body it's on, how well you look after it and how often that area is exfoliated. The colour is darkest on the palms of the hands and can last up to 2 possibly 3 weeks.

                      I only ever use natural henna and make my paste myself so I know exactly what's gone in it and I know exactly what I'm putting on peoples skin. Alot of the ready made stuff you find in Indian stores will often not have an ingredients list on them and often contain some harmful chemicals. So, if you do ever get henna done in the future it's sometimes a good idea to ask the henna artist what's in their henna paste - you'll know from there if they know what they're talking about

                      Thanks for the lovely comments!!