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Help with wedding invitations please

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  • Help with wedding invitations please

    Hi all

    After finally setting a date for our wedding, 1st May 2010, and getting the registrar office and venue booked I have started on the wedding invitations, but I have hit a snag, I orginally made this one
    - All gold (the one my other half likes but he keeps saying he really doesn't mind which one we choose!), I like the design but I wanted to add a bit of colour to it as our colour scheme is going to be White, Black and a hint of Red. I then tried 2 other variations (see below).

    - All colour (the one I like quite a lot)

    - Half colour and half gold (I'm not sure about the colour combination but it is the idea of half colour and half gold that I am going for with this one)

    Also, the evening invitations are going to be quite similar but a little different, I am not sure whether to do the colour scheme in this one either, what do you think?

    I really don't know which one to go for , please help. If you have any other suggestions then please let me know as this is my first attempt at cards/invitations.

    Thanks in advance
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    I am not a card maker but I like the gold one best, could you put your colour themes in your placecards or favours perhaps?

    I started off with nothing and I've still got most if left.


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      Hi Alice, yes I think I might put a lot more of the colour scheme into the placecards, favours decorations etc on the day and try to keep these a bit more simple.

      I showed a friend at work the invitations today and she has come up with some good ideas, one is to raise the bells and ring off the card slightly as it is a bit flat at the mo. Also I think I will keep the bells gold and colour the bow and ribbon in red with some black on the card somewhere (yet to figure that bit out). I will have another play tonight to see how they turn out.

      Anybody else got anymore suggestions as not being a card maker lots of the ideas that people come up with aren't obvious to me?!
      Handmade jewellery and accessories using glass, crystals, wire and more!


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        I like your colours! Could get some quite dramatic contrasts in your decor. I think raising the embellishments up onto sticky pads will look great and I think I like the all-colour ones best.

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