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Mums Valentines present....

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  • Mums Valentines present....

    My mum's been going through a really tough time at work recently, so I thought I'd make her a Valentines present that will remind her how much she means to me (and a whole host of others).
    One side is simple swirls the other says "Love and be Loved",so she can choose which way she wants to wear it..
    The heart is done in 22k gold ~ because shes worth it (and it was left over from another project )

    Hope she likes it

    Nic xx
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    Hi Nic,

    That's lovely and what a beautiful thought, I am sure that she will appreciate it immensely. Just having people around you that care so much makes all the difference when you are feeling a bit low.



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      The necklace is beautiful, I'm sure your mum will love it It so nice and thoughtful of you

      Freja xx



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        That is absolutely beautiful and such a lovely thought too... I'm sure it will mean a lot to your mum knowing that you have put so much time, thought and work into producing this wonderful piece for her at a time when she's not feeling her best. Wonderful


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          Wonderful loving thing to do, it really is a beautiful piece too, I love the idea that it can be worn in more than one way! Well done


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            absolutely gorgeous, i love the idea of a valentine for your mum


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              aww thats lovely, I'm sure that she will love it

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                Last year I was temping in a job and the manageress was not a nice person and for some reason she hated me.

                One day she was bragging about a pair of shoes she'd bought for only £350 they were half price in the sale and she loved them.

                At the end of a particularly bad week my daughter in law's mum invited us to Sunday dinner along with all their family. I sat and thought how lucky I am with family and friends who love me and it got me through. I come home to a loving husband and doggy I have a wonderful son and daughter in law and step grandson and all that womans got is a pair of shoes.

                No matter how much she loves her shoes they'll never love her back.

                Your mum's necklace is beautful and she is lucky to have such a caring daughter.

                Alice X

                I started off with nothing and I've still got most if left.



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                  How beautiful, and what a lucky mum to have you. She'll always know how much you care about her everytime she wears it. Lovely

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                    The necklace is beautiful and made even more so because its been made with love - your mum is sure to love and treasure it.

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                      It beatiful im sure your mum will love it

                      Sara x


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                        You guys and gals are the best!
                        Mum is a community worker and she just cares sooooo much that it makes dealing with the red tape extra stressful for her. Reading your posts has made me all glowy because that's exactly how I feel...
                        Anything that makes mum feel better is a good thing!

                        I'm going to start some earrings for mothers day swirls posts with a little heart on, so she has a set.

                        I love this forum xxxxxxx

                        Nic x
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                          Gorgeous work Nic and a lovely idea to show your mum what she means to you. Just remember to give her a pack of tissues with it!

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                            Gorgeous. well done Nic.

                            I'm sure your mum knows you love her, but what a lovely way to show it with something she can have with her all day, every day.
                            Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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                              The amount of love that has gone into making that makes it priceless and I'm sure your Mum will treasure it.