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honest opinions and a bit of imagination required

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  • honest opinions and a bit of imagination required

    I've been wanting to try and make a flannel cake for a while and bought this cute little christmas baskets , so imagine maybe a red and white 'flannel cake' and a bit of holly on the top
    what do you think
    does it look useless, bear in mind its my first attempt

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    Looks good to me, I think keep with the pink and white though rather than red, looks more like icing that way. (just my humble opinion!)
    Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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      looks good, I know it's snowing but you're not thinking about next christmas already?






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        Cute baskets!

        I love the idea of him holding the cake too. Pink flannels are probably easier to get hold of than red or green (although I could be wrong!) and with a sprig of holly ontop, they will be fab!


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          ah glad you like it
          just think red or green would be more festive ???
          I have a week off work this week and one of my jobs is to clear out my wardrobe and make some space for all the christmas presents I've bought !!!
          I am well on top of things and aim to be ultra organised this year
          might even make some christmas cards ( I have the design in mind that I want to make , all the paper and embellishments I need and want to make 50 which will be for all our friends and family ) once made they will go in a box and I can concentrate on customer orders when they start flooding in fingers crossed !!!
          I promised myself I would have all my christmas cards made in january / february so far I haven't made any yet but I will do !!


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            How about brown and white flannels, so it looks like a chocolate log?

            Christmas cards in February!!!!! Blimey you're good!


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              brown and white could be good !!
              I used to be such an organised person but slowly over the years , with children , working etc but I hate the pressure as christmas comes of trying to do all my christmas shopping , make my own cards etc and then we have so many orders coming in from customers and I get stressed,
              over the last few weeks I have got all my accounts up to date, a few cupboards sorted and my head already feels a lot better so if I can get even more organised where christmas is concerned and I want to make a lot of my own christmas presents this year I know I will feel so much better if I can get ahead of myself


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                Very cute! Bit early or a bit late for Christmas depending on which way you look at it!
                I would stick with colours people are likely to want in flannels. Nothing worse than a gift sitting in the cupboard because it doesn't match anything.
                The snowman sets the scene anyway so I am sure any colour will look great!
                Terry xxx
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                  I think it looks great, though I do agree chocolate or caramel colours would look nice.
                  I have seen some lovely reindeer made with brown flannels, similar to these
                  But the ones I saw had the soap the other way so they had a longer nose.