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Shadow boxes & dolls house miniature rooms

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  • Shadow boxes & dolls house miniature rooms

    Hooray! My husband was looking through some boxes and found them!! So I thought you'd like to see just a small selection of the ones I've made. Hope you like them

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    I think these are beautiful, I never knew what shadow boxes were.

    A really lovely, unsual picture to have on a wall. Like looking through a window!
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      These are lovely, so unusual.
      I've never seen anything like that before, very clever


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        Those are fab... very cute.


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          These are beautiful! I love the delicate look to them.. I started making miniatures recently and I think I'll try and do a box of my own. Do you still make them? What kind of boxes are they (wooden, cardboard, etc)?

          They are very nice.
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            My late dad used to make my boxes, which are about 3-4" deep, but then I found a place in town that did the decoupage box frames for about 50p, so I used to glue 2 of these together to get the right depth. Unfortunately, in the time we moved to Dorset and came back that place has closed, so I am now in a dilemma trying to find someone who does these hollow box frames, cheaply enough that is, to be able to do any more. The ones I have are all that I have and until I can find them I'm a bit stumped! There's a brilliant model shop here in Hereford and there used to be a brilliant little shop in Abergavenny too, although whether that's still there I don't know. But I'd love to make them again. I sold the little pink one with the white pram in a couple of weeks ago, when I went to a craft and coffee morning. I asked 10 pounds for it (still can't find my pound sign!) and after agreeing to that the other ladies said it was ridiculously cheap and to ask at least 20 if not more, bearing in mind that those small ones are only something like 7"x5", and when I showed them the biggies 10"x12" they went omg! The lady who bought it then said 'do it after I've paid though won't you dear!!'...they were so lovely that I thought, yeah why not. But when I really get stuck in to selling things properly I will definitely rethink the costs of these...they do take a few days to complete even though, when you break it down into actual manhours (or womanhours,hehe) they take about 3-4 hours or more. Sorry, I've prattled on a bit, I'll shut up now! I look forward to seeing yours, they're brilliant fun to make, so good luck
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              Thank you for all the information! I want to try one out very soon so I think I will try making a box with some cardboard I have any maybe reinforce the bottom. Not sure.. I will try something. You have really inspired me!

              I hope you find some boxes soon and carry on with it, because they are beautiful! And being able to sell them is such a great added bonus..

              Thank you!
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                They are very clever! I was expecting something a bit different, but what you've done is really good
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                  They are gorgeous, love them all, so delicate and unusual, Great Work, cant wait to see more!



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                    Thanks for all your lovely comments. Hey and I've just gone pink too, wahey
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                      Those are so pretty, what a lovely idea
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                        They're wonderful! I have a real soft spot fpr miniatures


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                          Oh I love them, I can see the huge amount of work that goes into them. Beautiful work darl xxx

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                            Originally posted by nettie View Post
                            Thanks for all your lovely comments. Hey and I've just gone pink too, wahey
                            You're shadow boxes are lovely, thanks for all the info, I am getting really educated on here!

                            Welcome to pinkdom

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