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My First Fibula

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  • My First Fibula

    I had a go at making one this morning, and I am rather proud of it, I know it's a wee bit wonky, and I can't file down the pin bit to a point, as it's silver plated copper. But what the heck, I like it.

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    hehehe when I read fibula I expecting to see a picture of a knitted bone or something.

    Very surprised, it is lovely, I like the uneven shape, shows it handcrafted.

    Well done.

    Why's it a fibula?????
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      Hi Delta

      That is lovely - I love the colours.

      I have learned something as well - when I saw the header - i thought you had had an operation on your leg - I didn't realise it was a jewellery term.
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        Originally posted by greannancrafts View Post
        I have learned something as well - when I saw the header - i thought you had had an operation on your leg - I didn't realise it was a jewellery term.
        Lol, glad I'm not the only one who thought that

        It's a gorgeous piece though, I love the colours


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          Very pretty colours and I like the twirly bits at each end
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            Well I never knew they were called that! You learn something everyday... its beautiful by the way, really love the colours too. Well done you!


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              Thanks everyone.

              I dunno why they are called that, but if anyone is interested, I just found this...


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                Looks great well done with that

                From another one who was thinking what the little bone in your leg had to do with jewellery!
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                (A photographic website that I sort of manage)


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                  lovely & I'm like the others wondered what you were talking about.
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                    You've got me googling again! If you bung it on Images and type in fibula you can see that the two bones - the tibia and fibula - look very similar to the 'bow shape' of Delta's brooch
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                      well done love the colours......did it take long to make????


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                        Very nice that one, Jo.

                        OH made a pin brooch using a large hat pin but his was more of a square design. Not as nice as your's though.

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                          It took me about an hour to make, the first piece of wire didn't quite bend right, I was making the little lip where the pin goes, it looked a bit well crap, so it went in the bin, but I was determined to make something (haven't made anything for weeks now and needed to get my mojo back). Plus I was inspired by the fact that I woke up to an email telling me that someone had put some money in my paypal account in return for one of my charm bracelets

                          Seemed to go a lot easier the 2nd time, it's actually done using the instructions in issue 13 of Bead (that's the Dec/Jan issue)

                          It's done with a 10 inch piece of wire, and is supposed to be filed at the pin end to make it pointy and sharp, but as I used silver plated copper, it was going to bring the plate off, so have now ordered myself some 1mm copper wire! and the focal bead was something that I found in my stash.


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                            Jo - is it too late to change your order? You really need 1.2mm or thicker in copper to make these.

                            The instructions were based on the Sharilyn Miller design in her fab book 'bead on a wire'. As you know, I make lots of these, and the 1mm is just too thin to hold up to being pinned - it will bend and lose the catch.



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                              Oh thanks for the George, yep it's too late, I ordered 1mm as that was what the destructions in the magazine said to use, and I think it's half hard that I have ordered, but it was only £1.99, so I can always get some more.