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    Hi, I am new to all this and this is my first post. I make home made cakes and jams and pickles etc, and am just booking my first craft fair in Lancashire. What I would like to know is if anyone can help me with finding cheap jam jars and lids if buying in bulk, as the only place i can find are all on ebay and was just wondering if there was anything else. My first batch, I bought from Lakeland but obviously that is almost double the cost. Another question (I may as get in as many as I can think of in one go) . How do you find out about the craft fairs, I have only found one person and just wondered if it is a dying breed especially in the North West.........
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hello & to the forum! Good Luck in Lancashire! If you search through old threads that may give you a couple of contacts for craft fairs in your area, I will have a good luck around for you later, Glad you joined us!


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      Hello and to the forum


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        I've used both of the following companies and been more than happy with the service, quality and prices

        Hope you find the links useful.



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          hello & . I've been thinking of making chutney, jams etc to take to fairs. I've found out about having a hygeine cert & it's just a matter of going for it. At the few fairs I've been to these type of stalls seem to do well, hence the change for me. Good luck with it.
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            Not sure if you have either of these by you - but Dulme Mill and matalan do some nice cheap jars.


            P.S Good luck and


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              Hello and
              MISI -


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                Hello and welcome. Can't help on the jar problem, but if you haven't got one and want to get one, a food hygiene certificate is a good thing to have and is simple. I did a course at my local community centre, I sat for two days (10-2,45) and at the end of it had to answer 40 multiple choice questions. Easy!!!!! most of the answers are common sense anyway.

                Good luck
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                  Colourlites have 1lb jars complete with lid at £21.80 for 56
                  60 275ml hexagonal with lid - £21.09
                  36 shaped like a ginger jar 370ml with lid at £13

                  All +carriage and VAT

                  £25 min order
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                    Thank you all so much. I have been looking at all the websites provided. My brain is almost mush.... I opened a sandwich shop last year and did a few hampers for christmas this year for friends and family, the surplus jams I sold in the shop. It was my mother in law that mentioned craft fairs, and I'm all for jumping in with two feet, whats the worst that can happen??? I can't wait and this forum has really helped, so far so good


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                      Sorry can't help you with your questions ... anyway ... Welcome to this forum ...


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                        It was my mother in law that mentioned craft fairs, and I'm all for jumping in with two feet, whats the worst that can happen???
                        The worst that can happen is that you don't sell anything - or strain your back carrying boxes of jars of jam.

                        The first is unlikely - goodly preserves usually sell (Jones invariably comes back from a steam rally with a jar or two of jam and chutney from the craft tent). Farmhouse kitchen style cakes e.g. sticky ginger bread, fruit loaf, parkin, carrot cake - with some wrapped individual slices, generally sell. (This is my experience of visiting craft fairs, Country Fairs, steam rallies, County Shows etc. - not so sure re uraban fairs)
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                          I have access to lots of fruit during the season so tend to make jams for all the family. They in turn save me all their jam jars which means that I now have accumulated enough empty jam jars to supply Sainsburys jam makers. Pitty you don't live nearer. lol.
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                            Such a pity you don't live nearer, but what a good idea just asking people to save their jam jars, sometimes I can overlook the simple things (every little helps), and if you ever move closer i'll buy the fruit and the jars.......