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Mosaic Butterfly Table - my first ever mosaic!!!!

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  • Mosaic Butterfly Table - my first ever mosaic!!!!

    Well I thought I had better post a picture as it was you guys who helped me out with my mastic dilemma, and with all your handy tips!

    I am pleased to say it worked and my sister seemed to like it!

    It looks like the butterfly isnt in the middle in the picture, but it is, honestly! It is the angle I took the photo! (It was Christmas day and I had drunk a glass. . or two . . of wine!)

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    Well done, it looks lovely, very neat and clear.

    I really like the addition of the little butterflies around the edge.

    Can I ask, did you use the reverse method to make sure it is completely flat? or did you use the direct method. I have tried both and find both methods work but the reverse/indirect method takes longer.
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      It's very pretty - I wish I had a sister to make me cool stuff like that!
      I love butterflies!
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        WOW ..that is so lovely and I would never have guessed it was your first attempt, well done.
        I love anything butterfly , would you be able to use this outside ?
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          That's lovely, well done. I think if it was mine I'd be touching it all the time, it's so pretty
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            I am VERY pleased with it! I am planning to make one for myself once the garden tables are back in the shops - I had to pinch my Mum's garden table to do this one lol!

            I am fairly sure it would be OK outside - I used silicone sealant to stick the tiles on with which is suitable for wet bathrooms etc, and the grout said it was weatherproof!

            I used the direct method, I couldnt be bothered to mess around sticking it upside down on paper first, I left it a bit late to get started before Christmas! But it ended up completely flat amazingly!

            The butterflies around the edge are gorgoeus, you cant see in the picture but they are irridescent. The only problem with them is they are a tiny bit deeper than the other tiles, but unless you put a drink down right on the edge I dont think it would be a problem.

            Thank-you everyone for your kind comments! I am a very happy mosaic-er!


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              I love it!

              I keep saying that I am going to try mosaic but never get round to it.

              What's your next project going to be??



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                Oooh you should Laura, it is really enjoyable and satisfying! You dont even need to cut the tiles if you dont want to - I used the tiny 1cm tiles so that I didnt need to buy tile cutters etc.

                I am planning to do a couple more tables, one for me and one for a friend's birthday. Then . . who knows?! I really like doing it, so I will have to try and think of a new project for when the tables dry up!


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                  That's gorgeous - I love the butterflies around the edge too! It's perfect for outside - looks all summery
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                    Wow! That's lovely. Ever so summery. It would look lovely in a conservatory!
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                      You have been busy! And what a wonderful gift for your sister; I bet she loves it.



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                        Oh WOW That's beautiful! I love the colours and the little butterflies around the edge are really pretty.

                        Well done - absolutely amazing for your first attempt

                        You really have a seller there if you were to go into business making these


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                          Can't believe that was a first attempt, really well done to you.
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                            WOW!!! That is absolutely gorgeous... a fantastic job, well done

                            I'm sure your sister must be absolutely delighted with such a beautiful gift, especially knowing that it is something which has been made especially for her by her lovely sister.

                            The colours and design are beautiful... if I was mine I wouldn't let anyone use it so that nothing was spilled on it lol.

                            I'm sure these would be very popular if you decided to make them to order or to sell.

                            Well done... nobody would ever guess that this was your first mosaicing project


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                              That's fabulous, your sister is very lucky. At least you can visit your table from time to time I wouldn't know where to begin with mosaic.

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