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Wouldn't think i'd say this, but..

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  • Wouldn't think i'd say this, but..

    Im kinda glad that the holiday season is coming to an end!

    Although i love christmas and its been much enjoyed, it's been a very busy time for me, especially in the craft-sense, so im quite content to start getting back into the normal routine!

    I hope everyone has had a wonderful christmas, and i would like to wish everyone the best of luck for 2009, and hope it brings you everything you hope for!!

    I thought i'd get back onto the forum and show you some of the pieces ive done recently. All the pieces were made using the art of pyrography, any feedback would be welcomed
    Ive completed quite a range of commissioned projects, most of which wouldnt be my usual 'thing' so it has also been a challenging time!

    These two name plaques, were made as christmas gifts. Not sure if anyone can recognise the characters, but they were chosen specifically for the plaques:

    The following keyrings were a commissioned set that i have gone onto expand since, can anyone name all the famous faces?

    This is another keyring design, which has a bit of a story to it, but i think iv'e written enough as it is!

    Like i said, any comments would be welcomed. Thanks

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    Wow! The angel keyring design is amazing! I think your door plaques are very funky too.
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      Ilove the coloured door plaques, I think the first is someonefromSponge Bob Square Pants and the other is a pokamon?

      The details is fantastic!

      I always thought it was only able to be done in brown so I have incresed my pyrography knowledge 100%!!!



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        I think the characters are Spongebob character, Pikachu then Bob Marley, Martin Luther King jr, Jimi Hendrix and Che Guevara and I agree the fairy one is amazing


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          Thankyou indri, much appreciated

          Laura, yes youre right with both of them!! and im glad to hear you like the door plaques. Yes, its possible to add some paint after burning the image on to acheive the colour. Without the paint, the results would normally be different shades of brown, as seen in the last keyring.

          Well done krafty1!! All right! Thanks


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            Great projects

            I love the angel keyring that is gorgeous. What is the story behind it?

            The door plaques are great as well

            Take care

            Take care






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              I love the door plaques! Is it possible to get bigger ones, one that would fit two names? I may be arranging an order later in the year - they would make fab christmas presents!
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                I think my favorites have to be the keyrings - and I'd recognise Bob Marley anywhere! Beautiful work Nadar.
                Gail x

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                  I think they are all fantastic, I love the coloured door plaques, I also thought pyrography was only in brown. The colour really brings out the detail.

                  I'd also like to know the story behind the angel (I love angels)

                  Well done
                  Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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                    Wow! They're fab! I love the Patrick Star design
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                      wow you are very talented , I love them all but I think the angel is my fave, it's very manga.

                      and I'm with you on the Christmas break Nader, I'm glad it's all over now, back to I sound like a real scrooge
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                        I know what you mean becky, i thought i might come across that way too, but it couldnt be further from the truth. If christmas went on all year, i don't think we'd appreciate it as much

                        Thanks for all the kind feedback, very much appreciated.

                        Xrheax; yes i can more or less produce any sized plaque, ranging from small plaques of 5inches up large plaques that are around 15 inches in lenghth. I can also work on even larger scales if required.

                        Cat'seyes and moonbeam, you seem curious to know the story. So i guess i'll have to share
                        Basically, the design itself was drawn by myself years ago as a tattoo design for someone, in rememberance of a friend of theirs who had sadly passed away. More recently, the same person placed a christmas order with me, and also wanted a keyring done for herself but wasn't sure what to have on it.
                        As a suprise gift, made a keyring for her and based the keyring design on the same angel image i had drawn for her years ago. As the tattoo is also on her back, the keyring would mean she could see the image more often, and be reminded of her friend at the same time.
                        She was very happy with it, which was great to hear.

                        Thanks for the kind words again,



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                          LOVE that Bob!


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                            lovely work, well done.
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                              Thanks george, and sherrielinda your kind words are much appreciated.