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  • We did it!!

    As some of you may know, hubby and I have been looking into building a dolls house for our friends little girls for some time now.

    Over the last few months things have been pretty hectic between craft fairs, card orders, candle orders, health problems/hospital appointments, family problems and then trying to get things done for Christmas - which included building a pc for father in law, a couple of watercolour paintings for family members and other bits and pieces.

    Anyway, on Christmas Eve things finally came together and we were able to breathe a sigh of relief... the girls dolls house was built!! We didn't have time to decorate it, but we are looking to use this as a project that we can work on at a later date with the girls.

    Hubby got the plans for the house from my dad although in the end we ended up having to buy the furniture and 'family' as we just didn't have the time to make anything else.

    What did the girls say? They were absolutely delighted... initially they both just stood and stared with the most gorgeous smiles on their faces and then they set about arranging everything just how they wanted it. Of course, being Christmas morning and having so many new toys, games, etc around nothing was holding their attention for any length of time, but we got a text this evening to tell us they have been playing with the house on and off all day.

    To be able to do this for these two adorable little girls really means a lot to us and we're just glad that we were able to get it done in time for Christmas

    Of course, all of this has got me thinking about 'renovating' my dolls house that my dad built for me about twenty (plus!!) years ago, so I've asked dad to bring it down from his house tomorrow when he's visitting from Scotland so that will be something else to keep me busy lol.

    Thanks for everyone's support when we first asked about dolls houses... without the encouragement of the forum then I don't think we'd have attempted this project but it has been fun!!

    Love Laura & Gord xxx

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    Oh my gosh Laura thats is truly a work of art - its wonderful!!!!!!!

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      Well done! The house is brilliant

      I know it meant a lot to you and I'm glad you managed to do it.
      I bet the delight on the girls faces was one of your best Christmas presents.

      Alice x
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        Bet the smiles said it all....what a wonderful pressie new for 2012 2009-2011


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          WOW! You and hubby are amazing!!!!
          I wish I had one of these. When I was a little girl of course :-D haha!
          Its gorgeous!

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            Well done to the both of you, it looks fab!! My little girl would give her back teeth for a proper dolls house but we just don't have the room. Your two will be playing with theirs for years!!





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              Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments... they are very very much appreciated. As someone said, the look of delight on the girls faces on Christmas morning when we took their gift to them was the best present we could ask for.

              I'm all excited now waiting for my dad to arrive with my dolls house lol... some people just never grow up


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                It looks a beautiful house, any little girl would be proud to own it. I always wanted one but never had one, mainly because it was during and just after WW2 when that sort of thing was no longer available. What a lovely project decorating it with them.
                God helps them that help themselves.


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                  It's beautiful! What a fantastic gift!



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                    That's wonderful, you're so clever, it must have been lovely to see their delight. Makes me all warm & fuzzy just thinking about it

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                      Thank you all for your lovely comments, even today I can't help but smile when I think of the look of surprise and happiness on their little faces when they opened it.


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                        ooh wow! That's amazing.

                        I'm sure this will be loved and cherished for many years to come, long after all the 'this year's must haves' have lost their interest.

                        What a wonderful gift


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                          You did well there!

                          Can we see work in progress as it's being decorated please?
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                            Thats brilliant, I would have no idea well done

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                              Originally posted by ElaineJ View Post
                              You did well there!

                              Can we see work in progress as it's being decorated please?
                              I'll certainly do my best to get progress photos

                              Thank you for all of your comments