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    As we all know Elaine asked for 'guinea pigs' for her new range of products and I was lucky enough to be sent 'Face The Morning' face scrub.

    Face the morning: includes cardamon powder, ultrafine oatmeal and caster sugar, jojoba coconut grapeseed oils and grapefruit essential oil.

    I tend to have trouble finding products that I like as I have a really stubborn patch of dry sky on my forehead and between my eyebrows which no amount of moiusturiser, and I've tried a few, seem to help... the worst bit being that the rest of my skin is relatively 'normal'

    Anyways, now that my Face The Morning scrub has been tried and tested I would definitely recommend it, something in it appears to agree with my skin and after using it for just a few days I've noticed a huge difference with my dry skin... my skin is looking more balanced and feels a lot better too, properly cleansed and refreshed so it definitely gets the thumbs up from me!!

    Elaine, can you let me know if/when this one goes on sale cos I'd be very interested in buying some from you!!

    Thanks a lot for giving me the opportunity to try this fab scrub,

    Laura xxx

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    Thanks ever so much for this feedback.

    I'm looking at all the packaging options so I'll let you know when it's online.

    First priority though is to sort out Karakorum!
    ElaineJ soap and other stuff


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      Excellent... can't wait and I'll definitely be recommending it


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        ooo sounds fab, i have my own to right too, but want to use for a few days to properly test it xzxx

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