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  • how to?

    hi, i was just wondering how you post a picture. i cant seem to do it,
    and help would be great, thanks

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      Firstly you need to have a hosting site, I use photobucket. Log in to your photobucket, browse and download your picture (from 'My pictures' on your computer?) and check the size too, I think I download at 320x120 or thereabouts so the image doesn't come out too big on here. Under the downloaded image on photobucket, right click and 'copy' on the box that starts with 'img' then 'paste' it on here. That's how I do mine, but some people use flickr and I think the yellow box above with the mountains, which is a different way again. I'm sure someone will be along soon to help if my description leaves you confussled! I hope I've helped
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        I got totally confused trying to post a picture on this site. I gave up in the end I can post on other forums I'm a member of no probs but it's the setting up another site to put your piccies in first that has me lost

        I managed to put thing in the gallery but not on the forum, prob just me being thick
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