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  • Jewellery 'crop'

    Every wednesday myself and a few friends get together for a scrapbooking we decided to make jewellery for a change

    Have taken pictures and added to my blog 5 of us made pieces of jewellery......from a simple memory wire bracelet by a 7yr old to a very intricate shell/bead necklace made by someone who has never made a piece of jewellery before ALSO.....some one who won a jewellery kit and was thinking of selling it....she isn't any more lol

    PICS are on my blog THE 8TH OF...if you would like to take a peek!!
    Thanx for looking the girls really enjoyed their day of beads!
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    What a lovely idea and the results are great and what a talented 7 year old. I hope that you are all inspired to do more.


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      lol..thanx my days of craft fairs n the like are over hehehe...been there done that....l took early retirement over 3yrs ago but was in design

      Sarah l think would love to sell Val is a teacher and only wants to make for herself and family as does Jane....and Little Lily...she really is a knock out such a great crafter and only 7!!...her older sister is brill too but then Jane has been a very good teacher...they both love all crafts
      Thanx again and thanx for looking
      Suz new for 2012 2009-2011


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        wow, very inspirational story! I was actuallly thinking recently about making jewelry, but wasn't sure how to start. So if 7yr old can do it, I should be able to do it too.
        I checked your blog The 8th Gem. Very nice jewelry.


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          They are all great, love the colours of the green one