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  • Fossil Frenzy!

    This is what I did with last week's Jurassic Bead;

    I have hardly taken it off!

    I am still very much in "fossil bead" mode. Here are just some of this week's;

    Believe me, there are more. I just couldn't stop making them!
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    Th black one is my fav with The middle one as a close second They are fantastic just my kind of thing. I Wish I had the spare cash. I need to get listing some of my stuff to sell so I can buy new goodies.
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      Heather they are sooooo impressive. What a great gift idea.....I am afraid I am starting to get into Christmas mode and planning ahead dont all hit me at once.


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        They are beautiful, how do you do them is it a spray art, I'm new here, so I don't know how a lot of the processes work on here.


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          Originally posted by For Sale View Post
          They are beautiful, how do you do them is it a spray art, I'm new here so i don't know how a lot of the processes work on here.
          Hi, no it's not spray art. These beads are made from solid glass. I twist different glasses togeether, and pull and twist them into "twisties" that I use to decorate the bead. Imagine candy canes in sweet shops. I use the same technique, and molten glass is not a dissimilar consistency to molten sugar. Just don't try to lick it

          I use silver leaf in my beads too, and it reacts with some glasses in particular to create lovely organic effects.
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            AAgghh i did a small amount of fusing so i see what you mean, I'm in aw your patience and results are amazing.


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              Love the necklace - perfect style for your beautiful bead, simple and keeping all attention on the bead itself. Lovely! The rest of the beads are gorgeous too. Do you ever get two the same or is every one unique?
              Cathy xx
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                Originally posted by Recycled Bag Lady View Post
                Do you ever get two the same or is every one unique?
                Thank you for your comments. Each bead is completely unique as it's impossible to replicate the organic effects. Some glass reacts to the mix of gas/oxygen used in the flame, as well as to the "striking" effect of the flame. Striking glass is a process of letting the bead cool slightly before returning it back to the flame. Some glass is affected by the heat/cool cycle, and produces variations in colour.

                The fact that I can't often remember which glass I've used limits the likelihood of similar beads, let alone identical beads!

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                  they're all gorgeous - I love what you've done with the first fossil bead, that looks really elegant.
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                    wow they are gorgeous!



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                      Your pendant is gorgeous and the new beads are just as nice - especially the black one.

                      I also like the bail you used on your pendant and wouldn't mind some - can you tell me where you got them, please?

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                        Thank you. The bail is Bali silver. It was an Ebay purchase! I will PM you the seller details.
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                          They are superb!

                          I sell fossil jewellery and would love to stock some jewellery with these alongside.
                          Do you sell these on at all as I would love to buy some


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                            they are stunning xx
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