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  • Where am I going wrong?

    Hello all! Thought I'd post some pictures of some really cute noticeboards that I made when I first started doing craft fairs back in Easter.

    I think they are fab

    But then I would say that! I've made about 7 and they are all different! I just can't seem to sell any!

    Is it a bit wierd that it's a kid's notice board? I had one chap in Kilburn say, "Well it's not really suitable for children is it? What with the drawing pins and things..."

    Are we really that safety concious that a kid can't pin stuff on a noticeboard? I used to have a noticeboard when I was 4 years old and it was my favourite thing!

    Why haven't they sold people? Are they hideous? Are they over-priced (£7.50)... I just don't know!!!!

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    Hmm, I don't know why ? Unless everyone has been got at by my Trading Standards officer who thinks everything is potentially dangerous to children.

    I think the concept is a good one but what I would say is maybe there should be more available space to pin things on. The face maybe detracting from what it actually is ? Not sure how you'd get round that.

    When you display them do you actually have things (postcards, notes) pinned on them to advertsise what they are and how people can see them in situ ? How big are they ?

    Don't give up though, maybe just tweak the design slightly as I think it's potentially a very good concept


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      I think they are great!!Maybe they could be more commercial characters like dinosaurs or Bratz looking girls.

      And i agree, I LOVED pinboards when I was little, I still feel happy when I see them in a shop.

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        putting my interior designer hat on, I would say that perhaps the people who would purchase such items would be looking to colour and style coordinate bedroom items. There are so many full ranges of childrens bed linens with coordinating everything.
        I'm not sure that the colours you've used would tone into what's currently around on the market at the moment.

        I'm not saying that what you have created is not great and fun, because it is, however I'd look at pale pink and lilac backgrounds with flowers and dots for girls and then dinosaurs and cars for boys. I know that these designs are good sellers. i think the prices are probably bang on.
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          No I don't tend to pin stuff on them, perhaps I should, that might make people realise what they are!

          They are A3(ish) size.


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            I agree with beadsbydesign about making them a little more commercial. I also think that the images are suited to very young children and you could maybe make some to appeal to slightly older kids. Girls from say the age of seven would love the idea of their own pinboard but would want something a little more age appropriate. When my son was younger he would have been wanting army camouflage or the like.


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              I make drawing pins decorated with little FIMO floers that seem to sell ok. I'm guessing it's just becuase people are not too sure what they are or what they'd look like with stuff ons o yes I agree, try pinning some things on to one of them as a display - I think it'll make a world of difference.

              Good luck with it!!

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                What a good idea, I think they are great. I would buy them for my Grandchildren but I agree with Beadsbydesign, the colours would not match their rooms which is a pitty because I know they would love them.
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                  I love pin boards too

                  I agree with the others, that many smaller things may be better than one big feature like the face

                  If you would like to stick to the face idea you could have a plain, primary coloured board but it could come with pins and little note books in the shape of face components (eyes, nose mouth) so the kiddies could use them as little notes but arrange their notes in the shape of a face. Actually, that sounds a bit complicated!


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                    I think your boards are soooo cute and extremely good value for money at only £7.50 so I haven't got a clue why they don't sell.

                    I make a check fabric notice/peg board with a sort of washing line effect, so you hang stuff off the string lines with small pegs - these seem to sell really well for me, maybe something like that would solve the pin dilemma!.
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                      I love the design...maybe you've just hit a dry spell.
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                        I think there funky but i wouldn't want to pin something on them i would use them as decoration

                        I made a lot of photo frames years ago and the ones that sold the most with girls where the ones with pink tassel braiding around the edges.

                        And boys With the plastic half footballs.

                        Bit sexist i know but boys will still be boys if they want and girls will still be girls LOL

                        Maybe if you do more look to leaving the center and use one bold color and decorate the edges, photoframes are similar as they use the centre piece.

                        I still think their funky and look like sesame street characters so my lad whos 25! would love them


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                          i think they are really cool


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                            I think they are great, but I agree that it is probably a good idea to pin some bits on them so that people can see what they would look like when in use, and experiment with different colour and styles. The concept of a notice board for kids is a great idea though. I hope its successful for you.

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