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  • patchwork quilt

    This is my first actual quilt - I have added patchwork motifs to throws, done cushions, bags and pillows for a window seat, but this is a first. For wadding I used a fleece blanket - easier to use than wadding and cheap too! The only problem is I made it a year ago and having entered it into a local agricultural show had to make myself finish it by binding the edges today - and the pins holding it in place have left rust spots. Going to try lemon juice and sunlight tomorrow to get rid of them.

    cushion cover

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    Gorgeous looking work. The actual thing is how neat you do your patchwork. Its quite neat & pretty.


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      Thats lovely. very colourful and the white and blue just finish it off nicely. Is it for yourself or a gift for someone? Bicarb made into a paste is an old remedy for rust and iron mold but you have to wash it out. If you were very careful and just did the spots I would think you could let it dry and brush it out.
      Coincidently I finished edging one yesterday, isn't it a good feeling, they take so long to make. Love the cushion cover, thats going to be my next thing to use my bits up. (Or some of them).
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        They are both gorgeous! I'm patchworking today's an addiction..can't help myself, I also also have a pile of ironing and the bedrooms to do out but they don't seem as appealing somehow!
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          They are both lovely! But I really love the cushion - combination of the yummy colours and the curvy patchwork! I wouldn't dare try that - looks as if the potential for mess ups is too great!

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          Cathy xx

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            Two absolutely gorgeous pieces of work, I especially love your quilt... how long did they take you to make? It looks like a great deal of time, care and effort has gone into each item.


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              To be honest, I've no idea how long they took. The quilt is all machine sewn except for the back of the binding, the parrot patchwork is handsewn and is a technique I was shown in a night class - not as hard as it looks!



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                Ooh that looks lovely!!!!!! Sue xx


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                  Wow, I love them both really bright and colourful. I will have to finish the one I am working on too.

                  BTW I just received a free layer cake from Moda Dea for subscribing to popular patchwork, the colours are great and I can't wait to start. Some of the offers are quite good at the mo if you are interested.