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  • Some of this weeks offerings

    Made quite a lot of stuff for the stall this week so thought I'd show some of them. Comments - good or bad - appreciated.

    We're always getting asked for jewellery for men so I thought it was about time I made something other than just a pendant on a necklace. I made 3 bracelets using magnetic hematites, ordinary hematites and gemstones - one in tiger's eye, one in sodalite and another with large turquoise chips. Unfortunately I forgot to bring the tiger's eye home with me to photograph so you only get to see the other two and in my opinion its the best but never mind.

    I also made some very simple chakra bracelets that went down really well - sold 2 straight away and got orders for another 4 as I was making them so I was well pleased with that. Made using one of each of the chakra colours spaced with twisted silver lined bugles.

    Next we have some flourite jewellery. A chunky bracelet with stunning multi-coloured fluorite beads (each bead contains at least 2 different colours) and I also used some purple howlite rondelles and bali beads to space.

    My next piece is another fluorite necklace. I wanted to create something with all the colours in it - purple, blue, pink and green. I also made a pair of earrings to go with this but forgot to photo them with the necklace.

    And last but not least is a jasper, tiger's eye and swarovski necklace and earring set. Not sure what jasper this is (bought a bracelet without a label and took it to pieces) but there's lots of brown, beige and yellow in them so I teamed them with some tiger's eye and some light topaz swarovskis cos they really are more yellow than topaz.

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    All lovely especially the fluorite - such dreamy colours....
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      I love your items, though I really can't see a man wearing them!!
      I always think of mens bracelets with some leather and never a bolt clasp for some reason!!

      Just my thoughts though!!

      Love Love Love the Flourite!!



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        They are all nice but particulary love the fluorite - both of them.
        Not sure about the mens bracelets - its my age you see - I think the first one is more manly - I could see me wearing the second.
        Everything you do appears to be beautifully finished off and very professional (There we go, that word again).
        Keep the pics coming we love to see them.
        God helps them that help themselves.


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          Thanks for the complements peeps.

          Carol - think the turquoise bracelet might be a bit big for you - its 10" long!

          You'd be surprised how many men are "into" the gemstones and their healing properties. We sell loads of gemstone nugget pendants that hang on leather thongs and I've done 5 commissions for men in the last 2 months - one necklace and 4 bracelets.

          We also sell loads of gemstone chip bracelets and men do buy these. There are only a few stones that they usually go for, obviously in "manly" colours - hematite, onyx, obsidian and turquoise are the most common but brown (tiger's eye), dark blue (lapis or sodalite) and dark green (jade or aventurine) are also good sellers. Very often these chip bracelets aren't big enough to fit a man's wrist so I offer to restring them and add a clasp for extra security. It only takes me about 15 minutes (if I'm not interrupted).

          More recently we've been asked for beaded stuff too - called power bracelets when you use round beads. Thats why I made them.

          The other advantage is that if they don't sell as men's bracelets, they're just the right size for a ladies anklet.
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          Step-daughter's website selling hand dyed sock yarns

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            I think they're all brill!!

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              They are all lovely... your work is beautiful


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                They are all lovely Net - I do a range for men Which are quite often bought by women too. Pete my OH has quite a selection now so he's a good advert
                Chris xx
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                  Love the chakra bracelet but they are all gorgeous!


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                    I've had such a big learning curve since I joined the forum. I had never given it a thought that people made jewelry at home let alone professionally and proficiently (Did you like those words). The names of the stones fascinate me too and how many different ones there are.
                    The other thing that amazes me is, of all the items that everyone makes you can all still come up with something new and different. I am going to Selinas party tonight so I might finally spend some money.
                    God helps them that help themselves.