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right i will try again tiara what do you think?

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  • right i will try again tiara what do you think?

    Hi made this last night i was so chuffed with it.the customer is pleased with the photos too.

    i cant figure out how to put a link of my photo on so have put address of my website on its the main photo on the home page.

    what do you think?

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    your designs a beautiful but how can you sell them so cheap?
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      I agree, your work is lovely, but you are seriously underselling yourself - I personally don't make tiaras but I would expect to sell at double what you are charging.

      You should put your prices up (says me who has been told off twice this week for undercharging!!!)

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        I'm with the others on this! Your tiara's are gooorgeous and should be more than double those prices. You have to charge for the components and pay yourself for your time - surely you are only gaining a little bit on top for your time at those prices. Check out prices of your competitors (google wedding jewellery), even if you double your prices I think that you will still be undercutting many of them by a lot!!

        I know that pricing has been covered loads on these forums so look up a thread, cos there's some really useful tips on here about it.

        (One other thing, you mention silver wire in the descriptions it's not clear if this is silver coloured wire/silver plated/sterling silver. If it's the latter then you are mooooost definitely undercharging.)

        Anyway, all that aside ..... GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

        Claire x


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          Your tiaras are beautiful.
          I agree with the others, they should be dearer. The last one Anna has, at a quick count, 160 swaro's at at average price of 10p per bead plus the band and wire you are only making about £5 for all your time and effort - Definitely not enough.
          It may sound daft but a lot of people WANT to spend a lot on their wedding jewellery. If they are wearing something expensive it makes them feel very special. When you consider the average bride spends around £600+ on a dress and thousands on the whole wedding your tiaras are cheap by comparison.
          I think you ought to have a bigger range of prices as well, not all the same price as it is obvious that some take longer to make and have more crystals.
          Check out these sites for some comparisons.



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            It is beautiful - I love your designs and agree that you are underselling yourself!



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              Lovely tiaras
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                They are really beautiful. And I am afraid I have to agree with everyone else: you are undercharging, not that I am an expert but if even a non-expert thinks you are underselling...
                Definitely put your prices up.
                And I can't remember who wrote the comment about brides don't want cheap and they feel better about something if the price is higher rather than lower, but I agree with that as well.
                Whichever way, your tiaras are beautiful.
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                  Beautiful work... these tiaras are truly stunning.

                  I'd be inclined to agree with everyone else though and think it may be worthwhile increasing your prices as there is obviously a lot of work going into these items and the last thing you want to do is to sell yourself short.


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                    Totally agree with all the others! Tiaras are beautiful and you are definitely selling them too cheap. I make the odd tiara too and sell mine for £25 which I think is cheap, the bridal shop which has a couple of mine on sale or return are selling them at £49.50. Selina


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                      Hi jasmine ...your tiaras are lovely

                      I can understand why you are selling your tiaras at those prices and to be honest to start off with I was doing the same. I would work out how much crystals I had used and charged for them and then added a little extra to make my profit. This works to start off with, but it wont cover the costs of advertising or if you start to do wedding fayres. Most of the hotels that I exhibit at charge anything from £80 up to £150. A small credit card sized advert can cost anything from £40 to £70 depending on the publication. And for a single line listing in a wedding magazine along with a website link costs £100.
                      Also I might add that your tiaras are far superior to the ones that I had made when I first started....I have only got better with practice. You are seriously undervaluing your work.
                      Take the cost of your componants....double it then work out an hourly rate for your work....and add that on to get a better price. At the moment you would have to sell approximately 4 tiaras to pay for a cheap wedding fayre and to be honest if I take one order at a wedding fayre, then I am estatic.
                      Good luck with your business ....but please charge are definatetly worth it
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                        Those are gorgeous jasmine.
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