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Yaaaaaaaaaaaa found time to peek in!

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  • Yaaaaaaaaaaaa found time to peek in!

    As the title says, I've finally found some time to peek in and see if I can catch up with whats been going on.

    Believe it or not but we have now been the new house for 6 weeks!!!!!!!!! where has the time gone !!!

    Been mega busy with toppers as well as trying to settle in and Wyatts going great guns at his new job...........things are really looking up for us

    Instead of putting different pictures up, i'm just going to add the link to my pics on flickr and you can see whats been keeping me busy over the past few weeks!

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    Hello Pauline! I'm so glad that everything is working out so well with the move ! Sound like you have been VERY busy!
    Anice xx
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      Good to hear all is going well Pauline - hope it continues that way.


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        Nice to see you back, Pauline ~ brilliant toppers

        "One must have chaos in oneself in order to give birth to a dancing star."


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          welcome back. we need your guidance .


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            Wow Pauline - you have been busy!!!

            Great topppers too!!!


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              Hallo Pauline! Glad things are good for you!!! I've just had a look through your Flickr photos. I remember some of them from your postings but they are all brilliant. I LOVE Wallis and Gromit!!!! You are very clever!!!!! Sue xx


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                Wow toppers are fab, so much detail - you have def been busy! I had a look at them this morn and had a question to ask you about them but didnt have time to post and now I have forgotten - typical!



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                  Wow! You have been busy!! How on earth do you find time to do that and move house??

                  Glad also to hear that things are going well for Wyatt. It's about time you two had a bit of relief from the pressures of life.



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                    Superb - that's the first time I've seen your work and I just had to go through the whole flicker album!!

                    Nic x
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                      thanks for those lovely welcome backs!! always nice to be missed isn't it <winks>.

                      Also thanks for compliments regarding my toppers - always great to get them too .

                      Yes I have been busy and to be honest it has been a very stressful time for me........I have moved gawd knows how many times in my life, and from country to country with three kids in tow but for some reason this was the worse move I've every had to cope with! Everything that could go wrong,did!

                      Almost at the end of the tunnel now - phew! Only one room that still has boxes in it (spare room) and a dining room that has no table and chairs in yet. If anybody had told me it was so hard to find a decent set I would have laughed but we cant find one we both like for love nor money!!

                      We both LOVE this house and its got us thinking of if the chance came up to buy it but as you all know its the wrong time to be even thinking of buying, plus we are first time buyers and mature in years <coughs>.. hee hee.... Will wait and see what happens over the next 6 months.

                      Have been trying to catch up on post and read them and great to see so many new faces.........hope to get to know you all pretty soon.

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                        All of them are just great !!!! I am stunned
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                          back Pauline!

                          Lovely to hear all your news and all the very best of luck in your new place, how great that you love it so much, I know the feeling - I often walk through my house and see the views out the window and think "I love it here" - best feeling in the world

                          Shaz x
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