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How's the weekend gone for you all?

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  • How's the weekend gone for you all?

    Hi people - just wondering how the weekend's gone for anybody out and about selling their crafts?

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    No sales for me.

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      Perhaps they are all at home counting their ill gotten gains. Perhaps not ill gotten but hopefully GAINS
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        With all the rain in Manchester on Saturday morning I didn't hold out much hope for a decent day's trading on the market but the sun decided to put in an appearance about 2.30 in the afternoon and suddenly the customers arrived with it. So it wasn't such a bad day for us after all.

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          pants as far as crafting goes - couldn't get motivated to do anything this I took advantage of the fact the kids and hubby were away all weekend and gutted the house

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            had a nice time, been on a short cruise.

            been away on the Queen Elizabeth 2 for a short cruise, so my weekend was great.
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              sorry yours was pants pagan! But sounds like you got plenty done on the house. Mine was pants trade wise - except for a good commission. But would be nice to et rid of ones already done!

              Had a lovely laughing day with fellow crafters / artists / artisans / functionalists / ! though! We're a friendly bunch


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                An enquiry from a new mum today about one maybe two personalised paintings. So no sales as such but am hope full for during the week. **fingers crossed** As such a nice relaxing weekend although I did a bit of work on a new design Friday night.


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                  I had a good weekend sold some cards, 2 nappy cakes, 2 dads nappy duty belts, 4 washcloth cupcakes and also so towel cakes so all in all i had a good one

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                    This weekend I've been putting the finishing touches to two new downloads which will be launched hopefully tonight on the website. Sales were ok over the weekend but I always find when the Summer holidays for the kids start things quieten down a little bit..must be everyone going off on their holidays! It's my businesses 2nd year of trading on Thursday so I'm having a bit of a blog candy give away over on my blog on Thursday. Just got to get all of it together a photographed now!
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                      Originally posted by Funkyhand View Post
                      Sales were ok over the weekend but I always find when the Summer holidays for the kids start things quieten down a little bit..
                      Really? Quieter? Noooooooooo! I am having a last attempt this coming wknd at a craft fair - the organisers have promised it is much busier in the summer hols (but I have heard pretty much every time now when it's quiet that 'it isn't usually this quiet') I hope so, cos I keep losing money there. This is the final shot at that one.

                      glad ur sales were ok! - and it's great to hear all ur feedback.


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                        got a few sales on my findings shop but nothing thats made me a millionaire yet lol.


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                          I had a good Sunday with my stall at Coniston - sold quite a bit of stuff and had a lovely day out - we all went, including doggies, which was great fun as the show was right next to the lake and the sun even shone for a while I now have to make lots more stock as I have a week long stall at Lanercost Priory starting Saturday - no sleep for me until August!!!!!.
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                            Had a good weekend thanks, a good old faithful fair at eastwell never let me down again, was slow for a while but had mainly bulk buyers, so all in all had a good day. Old Dalby next week, never done it beofre so fingers crossed for weather and buyers!


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                              A quiet Sunday in in my PJs with a bottomless cup of tea so I've been enjoying it.

                              Then I made 3 online sales so that really made my day since I hadn't done anything! Yay!

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