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  • Hoops

    I made a couple of pairs of hoops. I really dont like these ones i got where the actual hoop goes through the ear. But they are sterling silver so i made use of them lol

    The first ones are glass beads with a sterling silver bead in the middle. I have silver crimp covers for the side crimps but they are too small! So i need new ones.

    These ones are with some amethyst chips. I did a bad thing and used silver plated wire with sterling silver hoops but i doubt il sell these or anyhting. Not sure they are quite right.

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    Both gorgeous! Although I have to say, the amethyst ones are my faves, sterling or not!
    Laura Lou xxx

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      I love the Amethyst hoops!!!!


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        Good job, I like them!

        Its funny you say you are not keen on them because I much prefer these type of hoops to the ones you then attach to an ear wire!


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          very pretty... I just made some sterling hoops with some teal beads and silver earlier today... I love teal and had to have the beads to put on some hoops I have.. but I don't actually have pierced ears... oh and some dark purple ones too... but simple seed beads not the pretty amethyst chips you have used... I'm wittering I know.. too much coffee I think...

          lovely job.
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