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  • Bracelet

    Im still sorting out making my pics brighter and i did this quickly so i hope you get hte jist lol.

    I wasnt sure whether to do 2 more sets beside the clasp?

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    OOh 'tis pretty!


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      That is lovely.
      I would say yes to putting a couple of dangles next to the clasp as it will help to balance the bracelet and stop the clasp ending up on top when it's worn.



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        Muddy images with a blue tinge!!

        It’s him what tells you off for having rubbish images!

        I like the bracelet but not the image as you can well imagine. You are still under the impression that the camera will do everything for you, it won’t!

        It doesn’t matter whether you spend £100 or £5000 on the camera it still won’t give you an accurate exposure when the background is mostly white, it will always under expose.

        I write frequently on this subject and the ONLY way you will get a decent image is to use the manual settings on the camera. If you want to improve on this then you have to use the settings that the camera will give you in it’s automatic mode and transfer them in to the manual mode, once you have done this then you have full control over what the camera is doing and you can modify the exposure that the camera needs to work properly to give you a good image.

        If you want to take this a stage further then buy an incidental light meter, this measures the light that is falling on to the subject rather than the light that is being reflected from the subject, which is where the problem lies. You will still have to use the manual settings for the camera; there is no way round that one unless you completely recalibrate the cameras exposure system, which is not a task that I would recommend unless you really know what you are doing.

        I am always around to help if you need further information.

        Kindest Regards,

        I..[email protected]/?saved=1


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          Hey Ian - yeah i just did this the same as hte other one. I wasnt trying to make it better, just get a pic up to see what people though of the bracelet and how to improve that. Thanks for the advice though
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            Thats a very pretty bracelet and the colour combinations are great. Do I spy the purple velvets again?

            I think its just right as it is and I wouldn't put more dangles near the clasp cos I think they get in the way when they are too near. Just my opinion tho'.

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              I think it's beautiful

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                lovely bracelet id leave it as it is but im not an expert
                Jan xx



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                  Yeah the last of my purple velvets Got the odd one or 2 left but not much use for anything except an earring or 2.
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