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  • Silver Clay Experiments

    Now these pieces were my first experiments this afternoon, and they need lots more polishing, but I was impatient to show them off! I knew I would be unlikely to make "the perfect ring" the first time I played with silver clay, so I've deliberately made this an easy-to-wear chunky ring, with randomly filed surfaces that reflect the light. It fits a treat, which is my biggest surprise!

    Then I made a little birdy charm to hang somewhere with some of my glass beads. He's around 18mm in diameter and needs lots more polishing. I need to give it the oxidising treatment too so that the little birdy stands out more.

    I admit I was fairly daunted by the teeny weeny packet of silver clay that I didn't want to waste. I was afraid to add water to it and consequently I worked it a little drier than I should have done. Next time I'll be braver.
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    Very nice Heather! I've seen this silver clay in the lastest bead magazine and wondered what it was like to work with. It seems to be most bizairre stuff! Selina


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      Thank you Selina.

      It was seeing it in the latest edition of Beads & Beyond that spurred me on to have a go. There's a lovely Garden Ring in there that I'm going to tackle next.

      It was just like using ordinary clay really, although it dries REALLY quickly so I was tempted to rush! I fired mine in a kiln seeing as I had one to hand. I imagine torch firing would be much scarier!
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          I kinda want to give silver clay a go, but I am really incredibly rubbish with Fimo, so I am thinking that I would be rubbish with that too!

          Looking good though, love that ring


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            I love the bird charm!


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              They look really good. I didn't know you could get such things as silver clay!! I do like the little birdy pendant.
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                The ring is great, I really like that.

                Are you talking about the clay that you fire so that all but the silver burns away?

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                  Ooo, they're great. I've only worked with silver clay once and it made me really nervous too! It's mot cheap and you always worry you're going to ruin it by letting it get too wet or too dry!

                  I've seen torch-firing demonstrated but not had a go at it. I think it's one of those things that works well if the thickness of the clay is fairly even. I was happy to let my items kiln-fire!



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                    beautiful ring, I would definitly wear that.. and the bird is so sweet...

                    I think my husband would kill me if I came home with some silver clay and a blow torch though so will have to stick with beads and paints for now.
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