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The Sorrowing Tree

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  • The Sorrowing Tree

    The Sorrowing Tree

    I posted this blog the other day and have just added the painted page to my etsy shop and relized I hadn't shared it here yet. I love willow trees and have drawn and painted several but I just love this one I did...

    Thanks for taking the time to look, and have a fab weekend everyone!
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    That is seriously beautiful. Really lovely.


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      Your work is amazing......I love the mixed media!! The painting on pages of books....wonderful

      I wrote a poem a while back called "My weeping willow tree" they would make a boss collab.....
      I hearted you!!

      love Jode xx
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      Love & Bubbles


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        that's lovely Meri - i love your painted pages - in fact when walking past a neighbours recycling box full of old books i thought of you [and knicked a couple on my way past!!!]

        x vInTaGe VioLeT x


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          shiny silver- thank you!

          jode- I can write stories and even little drabbles but poetry has never been my strong point.. thank you.

          Vintage- thank you ! ohh did you get some good books to decostruct? I'm still kicking myself over not buying any books from the used book sellers in Paris a few weeks ago... I just couldn't have carried them and my son around for two days...A book or two in french I think would look really lovely painted over... I can jsut imagine little houses and mini landscapes.... sigh.... <keeps kicking self>

          all your lovely comments have really hepled me feel better its been a bit of a rubbish week and I really needed to hear something positive.. thank you all!
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            That is really beautiful, so delicate.

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