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Toy Theatre - tools advice.

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  • Toy Theatre - tools advice.

    Very much a beginner to crafts and am intending to build a toy theatre out of balsa or other thin wood. I'm not sure what tools, especially saws, to buy. I imagine a fret saw and a coping saw would be useful - but are there different types of of saw teeth that I should look out for - I imagine the finer the better. Also I've been looking at Japanese very fine toothed (razor) saws - would they be a useful buy?
    As I shall be cutting out shapes in the wood I imagine a jigsaw would be useful, but are there jigsaw type saws that would be a little gentle than the average Screwfix type jigsaws.
    Any advice at all regarding tools would be very welcome!

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    I don't think that you will need power tools for Balsa wood. Have a look at model making suppliers such as Hobbies at Ravingham, Norfolk. they have saws and knives that will cut Balsa with ease. Not that Balsa is hard to cut anyway.


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      My inclination would be to use wood like sycamore such is used for musical instruments and would be much stronger and take a finer cut and would be better for painting. A fret saw would be able to cut intricate shapes but could use a coping saw or 2 way Japanese saw. For cutting thin strps of wood such as sycamore or even pine a sawmill may cut and plane them to size or even a local carpenter or joiner and they are likely to have a planer and bandsaw. Im sure you could make a toy theatre out of cardboard as a lot of cardboard is quite fine and strong and is often used for model making.


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        With balsa a Japanese fine tootherd saw and some razor blades will get you far. Beyond that a jigsaw of any kind also be very handy for difficult cuts on thicker pieces. Aside from that maybe a chisel set.