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  • Laser cut Wood machine desktop

    Hi All,

    I am new to this forum and after a bit of advice. I am wanting to know which is a good laser cut desktop machine that can be purchased and is value for money. I have emailed few companies which have come back with quotes for several thousand pounds.

    I am wanting to laser cut wood and put them in frames.Thickness of wood would be upto 30mm.

    Anyone point me in right direction please? is it worth getting a second hand one or from china?

    Or is there anyone that could do me the cut outs at a wholesale price?


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    I've been looking into getting a laser cutter myself for some time, but I'm by no means an expert. I can say though that 30mm of wood is quite thick and would probably be beyond the capabilities of any cutter you can get onto a desktop.

    The laser I use (at my local Fab Lab) is a 40W Epilog and that cuts up to 6mm with little problem, but that's MDF of laser ply. If you cranked the power up to being capable of getting through 30mm, my guess is that you would have a very disfigured top side.


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